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Kenan and Kel Volume 1 (4 DVDs Box Set)

Kenan and Kel Volume 1 (4 DVDs Box Set)
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Summary: Kenan and Kel (1996–2000). "Aw, here it goes!" Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell were among the original cast members of the popular Nickelodeon sketch-comedy series "All That" when they received their own sitcom in 1996. Set in Chicago, the show follows the kid-friendly misadventures of two high-school friends who are always scheming and dreaming. Kenan, who works at a grocery store, constantly devises crazy plans to strike it rich, while orange-soda-loving buddy Kel is always dragged along for the ride despite his track record for messing things up.
Creator: Kim Bass
Stars: Kenan Thompson, Kel Mitchell, Vanessa Baden
More Information: IMDB, Wikipedia

DVD Video Preview:
DVD Video Preview:

DVD Video Preview:

62 Total Episodes on 7 DVDs:
Kenan & Kel S01 E01 – Pilot
Kenan & Kel S01 E02 – The Tainting Of The Screw
Kenan & Kel S01 E03 – Doing Things The Hemingway
Kenan & Kel S01 E04 – Mental Kel-Epathy
Kenan & Kel S01 E05 – Duh Bomb
Kenan & Kel S01 E06 – Mo' Sweater Blues
Kenan & Kel S01 E07 – Diamonds Are For Roger
Kenan & Kel S01 E08 – The Cold War
Kenan & Kel S01 E09 – In The Line Of Kenan
Kenan & Kel S01 E10 – Dial O For Oops
Kenan & Kel S01 E11 – Merry Christmas, Kenan
Kenan & Kel S01 E12 – Baggin' Saggin' Kel
Kenan & Kel S01 E13 – Safe And Sorry
Kenan & Kel S01 E14 – Twizzles Fizzles
Kenan & Kel S02 E01 – Pair-Rental Guidance
Kenan & Kel S02 E02 – Clowning Around
Kenan & Kel S02 E03 – The Lottery
Kenan & Kel S02 E04 – Who Loves Orange Soda
Kenan & Kel S02 E05 – Haven't Got Time For The Paint
Kenan & Kel S02 E06 – A Star Is Peeved
Kenan & Kel S02 E07 – Ditch Day Afternoon
Kenan & Kel S02 E08 – Get The Kel Outta Here
Kenan & Kel S02 E09 – Foul Bull
Kenan & Kel S02 E10 – The Crush
Kenan & Kel S02 E11 – Turkey Day
Kenan & Kel S02 E12 – Bye-Bye Kenan Part 1
Kenan & Kel S02 E13 – Bye-Bye Kenan Part 2
Kenan & Kel S03 E01 – Skunkator Vs. Moth Man
Kenan & Kel S03 E02 – The Raffle
Kenan & Kel S03 E03 – The Chicago Witch Trials
Kenan & Kel S03 E04 – To Catch A Thief
Kenan & Kel S03 E05 – Happy B-Day Marc
Kenan & Kel S03 E06 – I.Q. Can Do Better
Kenan & Kel S03 E07 – Attack Of The Bug Man
Kenan & Kel S03 E08 – Surprise, Surprise
Kenan & Kel S03 E09 – You Dirty Rat
Kenan & Kel S03 E10 – Freezer Burned
Kenan & Kel S03 E11 – Present Tense
Kenan & Kel S03 E12 – Housesitter
Kenan & Kel S03 E13 – I'm Gonna Get You Kenan

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Kenan and Kel Volume 1 Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from 1990's Nickelodeon ($9.95 value)

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