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Nick Arcade (5 DVDs Box Set)

Nick Arcade (5 DVDs Box Set)
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All 53 Episodes with Bonus Commercials.
5 DVDs in DVD Box with Box Art.

Nick Arcade is an American children's game show created by James Bethea and Karim Miteff and hosted by Phil Moore, with Andrea Lively announcing, that aired on Nickelodeon from 1992 to 1993 (in the first season, the shows were taped in December 1991 and aired in early 1992), airing originally during weekend afternoons. It was taped at Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios Florida in Orlando. In Nick Arcade, two teams of contestants played two initial trivia rounds, with the winner advancing to the "Video Zone" to play against the virtual "Video Game Wizard" of the day.

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60 Total Episodes on 5 DVDs:
Nickelodeon Arcade - Alison and Dustin vs. Kema and Jason
Nickelodeon Arcade - Amy and Kenny vs. Liza and Tony
Nickelodeon Arcade - Amy and Tyrone vs. Michele and Ricardo
Nickelodeon Arcade - Anatalia and Bobby vs. Elizabeth and Ryan
Nickelodeon Arcade - Anika and Patrick vs. Jennifer and Christopher
Nickelodeon Arcade - April and Thomas vs. Anne and Kevin
Nickelodeon Arcade - Brandi and Drit vs. Allie and Matt
Nickelodeon Arcade - Brenda and Rubin vs. Gennifer and LJ
Nickelodeon Arcade - Catherine and Nickolas vs. Kristi and Ethan
Nickelodeon Arcade - CD and Marc vs. Lisa and Wendy
Nickelodeon Arcade - Christie and Joe vs. Ronda and Jayson
Nickelodeon Arcade - Courtney and Alexander vs. Brindley and Shaun
Nickelodeon Arcade - Danielle and David vs. Shana and Matt
Nickelodeon Arcade - Danielle and Joseph vs. Keri and Charles
Nickelodeon Arcade - Elizabeth and Joe vs. Melissa and Jason (Clarissa Explains It All Special)
Nickelodeon Arcade - Erin and Marc vs. Sarah and John
Nickelodeon Arcade - Fabiola and Tyson vs. Nakisha and Jeanay
Nickelodeon Arcade - Farah and Billy vs. Shani and Jennifer
Nickelodeon Arcade - Gina and Derek vs. Quincey and Robert
Nickelodeon Arcade - Holly and Ray vs. Kim and Andrew
Nickelodeon Arcade - Isaac and Nick vs. Melissa and Jammie
Nickelodeon Arcade - Jason and Diane vs. Ralph and Becca
Nickelodeon Arcade - Jay and Mike vs. Zahra and Deborah
Nickelodeon Arcade - Jennifer and Chris vs. Tasha and Jeremy
Nickelodeon Arcade - Jennifer and David vs. Andrea and Mike
Nickelodeon Arcade - Kelly and Austin vs. Bonnie and Luis
Nickelodeon Arcade - Kemay and Billy vs. Clarisa and Mason
Nickelodeon Arcade - Kerri and Aaron vs. Breanne and Jamal
Nickelodeon Arcade - Latoya and Bobby vs. Caroline and Michael
Nickelodeon Arcade - Laura and Steven vs. Jamie and Terence
Nickelodeon Arcade - Leeann and Conor vs. Sarah and Wellington
Nickelodeon Arcade - Mandy and Mark vs. Nadine and Jed
Nickelodeon Arcade - Mariangela and Corey vs. Christy and Andy
Nickelodeon Arcade - Marianne and Trung vs. Kori and Alex
Nickelodeon Arcade - Marie and John vs. Carolina and Tully
Nickelodeon Arcade - Megan and Jackie vs. Ana and Shauna
Nickelodeon Arcade - Rebeca and Travis vs. Chaketha and Tony
Nickelodeon Arcade - Selena and Marshall vs. Tineka and Hazel
Nickelodeon Arcade - Shelina and Griff vs. Jessica and Rizwan
Nickelodeon Arcade - Stacy and Clint vs. Julie and Lloyd
Nickelodeon Arcade - Tiffani and James vs. Marsha and Brian
Nickelodeon Arcade - Tina and Anthony vs. Stephanie and John
Nickelodeon Arcade - Toshia and Maneka vs. Christy and Ryan
Nickelodeon Arcade - Tricia and Brent vs. Erin and Jason
Interview - Phil Moore, Host of Nickelodeon Arcade
Nick Arcade Phil Moore - 2013 Live Nickelodeon Panel
Phil Moore Nick Arcade 2014
Nickelodeon Christmas 1991 Commercial Block
October 30, 1993 Nickelodeon SNICK commercials
Nickelodeon August 17th 1996 Commercial Breaks
July 1996 Nickelodeon commercials
Nickelodeon Super Toy Run - Master Tape- 1991
Nickelodeon Commercial Break Bumpers v 2.5
1994 Nickelodeon Commercials (during Weinerville)
Nickelodeon Commercials, August 1992

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Nick Arcade Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from 1990's Nickelodeon ($9.95 value)

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