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Word World (5 DVDs Box Set)

Word World (5 DVDs Box Set)
Summary: Word World (2007– ). A goofy group of animals are ‘WordFriends' that teach preschool kids how to solve problems by building the right word. They journey on funny adventures together discovering that letters form words and that words have meanings. Characters like brainiac Frog and fun-loving Dog learn the alphabet on "WordWorld."
Creators: Olexa Hewryk, Jacqueline Moody, Don Moody
Stars: H.D. Quinn, Lenore Zann, George Bailey
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DVD Video Preview:

DVD Video Preview:

40 Total Episodes on 5 DVDs:
Word World S01E01 – Runaway O, Happy Birthday, Dog
Word World S01E02 – There's An Ant In Every Giant, Chef Sheep
Word World S01E03 – Rocket To The Moon, The Birds
Word World S01E04 – The Mystery Of The Disappearing Pie, Duck's Family Reunion
Word World S01E05 – Sh-Sh-Shark, Dog Wants To Play Ball
Word World S01E06 – Pies Pies Pies, Waterlogged
Word World S01E07 – Dog's Camping Adventure, V Is For Vacation
Word World S01E08 – Snug As A Bug, Nightlight
Word World S01E09 – Duck's First Sleepover Party, One Hat Fits All
Word World S01E10 – Dancing Dog, Pig's Big Moonlight Feast
Word World S01E11 – Boppin With The Bug Band, Shuffleword
Word World S01E12 – W Drought, Princess Sheep
Word World S01E13 – Radio Read-a-Thon, Robots To The Rescue
Word World S01E14 – Pl-Pl-Plane, Mail Mix-Up
Word World S01E15 – Pig's Present, Tick Tock Space Clock
Word World S01E16 – Castles In The Sea, Get Your Coat
Word World S01E17 – Superhero Sheep, Pirate Ship
Word World S01E18 – Playing Spies, Wee Little Whale
Word World S01E19 – Race To The Mystery Island, A Star Is Born
Word World S01E20 – Back On Track, The Rainbow Birthday Cake
Word World S01E21 – Bit By Bit, Ride ‘Em Cowbear
Word World S01E22 – Play Ball, M Is For Map
Word World S01E23 – Flying Ant, The Dancing Duck Bonanza
Word World S01E24 – The Lost Letter L, Catch That C
Word World S01E25 – The Christmas Star, A Christmas Present For Dog
Word World S01E26 – Kooky Spooky Halloween, Sheep's Halloween Costume
Word World S02E01 – My Fuzzy Valentine, Love Bug
Word World S02E02 – Duck Saves Spider's Web, Caterpillar Gets A Home
Word World S02E03 – Duck's Hiccups, Achoo
Word World S02E04 – Bugs To The Rescue, Sheep's First Bike Ride
Word World S02E05 – Get Well Soon Soup, Mmm-Mmm Milk
Word World S02E06 – Shark's First Day Of School, Shark's Loose Tooth
Word World S02E07 – Get Set For ET, Duck's Piano Lessons
Word World S02E08 – Duck At Bat, You Can Never Have Too Many OO's
Word World S02E09 – The Best Nest, Duck's Family Reunion
Word World S02E10 – Bed Bugs, Snug As A Bug
Word World S02E11 – Totally Terrific Duck, A Star Is Born
Word World S02E12 – Dog's Having A Party, Dog Wants To Play Ball
Word World S02E13 – Welcome Home Duck, The Lost Letter L
Word World S02E14 – Bear's Bed Sled, Sh-Sh-Shark

Word World Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1990's ($5.95 value)

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