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A Matter of Loaf and Death Complete (1 DVD Box Set)

A Matter of Loaf and Death Complete (1 DVD Box Set)
Summary: A Matter of Loaf and Death Complete. Baker Bob is bludgeoned to death with his own rolling pin by an unseen assailant he recognizes while baking a cake; he is the latest of twelve bakers to be killed. Meanwhile, Wallace and Gromit are running a “Dough to Door” delivery service from their bakery “Top Bun”. On one such delivery, the duo save Piella Bakewell, a former pin-up girl mascot for the Bake-O-Lite bread company, and her miniature poodle, Fluffles, when the brakes on her bike appear to fail. They drive alongside so Wallace can attempt to use pastries to stop, but they careen into a zoo and barely escape being eaten by a crocodile. Gromit tests the bicycle brakes and becomes suspicious on learning that the brakes work perfectly fine, but Wallace becomes smitten with Piella.

1 Total Episodes on 1 DVD:
A Matter Of Loaf And Death

A Matter of Loaf and Death Complete Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1990's ($9.95 value)

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