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SuperTed (4 DVDs Box Set)

SuperTed (4 DVDs Box Set)
Summary: SuperTed (1983–1986). In a toy factory, after being made, a teddy bear is put in a storeroom after being deposed. The teddy bear is found by a cosmic being from outer space known as Spotty Man, and Spotty Man brought the teddy bear to life with his “cosmic dust”. Spotty Man took the teddy bear to Mother Nature, where Mother Nature gave the Teddy Bear, special powers which gave him the power to fight evil. The Teddy Bear became the superhero known as SuperTed. Assited by Spotty Man, SuperTed would face his evil nemesis, the evil cowboy Texas Pete and his associates, the clumsy and idiotic over weighted man Bulk and Skeleton, a cowardly undead Skeleton, as SuperTed sets out to foil Texas Pete's schemes of wealth and power and put a end to SuperTed once and for all.
Creator: Mike Young
Stars: Derek Griffiths, Peter Hawkins, Jon Pertwee
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37 Total Episodes on 4 DVDs:
SuperTed S01E01 – SuperTed And The Inca Treasure
SuperTed S01E02 – SuperTed And The Pearl Fishers
SuperTed S01E03 – SuperTed And The Stolen Rocket Ship
SuperTed S01E04 – SuperTed And The Giant Kites
SuperTed S01E05 – SuperTed And The Elephants' Graveyard
SuperTed S01E06 – SuperTed And The Train Robbers
SuperTed S01E07 – SuperTed At Creepy Castle
SuperTed S01E08 – SuperTed And Nuts In Space
SuperTed S01E09 – SuperTed And The City Of The Dead
SuperTed S01E10 – SuperTed At The Funfair
SuperTed S01E11 – SuperTed And The Gold Mine
SuperTed S01E12 – SuperTed On Planet Spot
SuperTed S02E01 – SuperTed At The Toy Shop
SuperTed S02E02 – SuperTed In Texas
SuperTed S02E03 – SuperTed In The Arctic
SuperTed S02E04 – SuperTed And Trouble In Space: Part 1
SuperTed S02E05 – SuperTed And Trouble In Space: Part 2
SuperTed S02E06 – SuperTed And The Gun Smugglers
SuperTed S02E07 – SuperTed And The Crystal Ball
SuperTed S02E08 – Spotty And The Indians
SuperTed S02E09 – SuperTed's Dream
SuperTed S02E10 – SuperTed And The Lumberjacks
SuperTed S02E11 – Bulk's Story
SuperTed S02E12 – SuperTed Meets Father Christmas
SuperTed S03E01 – SuperTed And The Great Horrendo
SuperTed S03E02 – SuperTed Kicks Up The Dust
SuperTed S03E03 – SuperTed And The Magic Word: Part 1
SuperTed S03E04 – SuperTed And The Magic Word: Part 2
SuperTed S03E05 – SuperTed And The Pothole Rescue
SuperTed S03E06 – SuperTed And The Whales
SuperTed S03E07 – SuperTed And The Gorilla
SuperTed S03E08 – SuperTed And Mother Nature
SuperTed S03E09 – SuperTed And Tex's Magic Spell
SuperTed S03E10 – SuperTed And The Rattlesnake
SuperTed S03E11 – SuperTed In Chinatown
SuperTed S03E12 – SuperTed Goes Round The Bend
SuperTed S03E13 –

SuperTed Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1980's ($7.95 value)

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