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ReBoot (8 DVDs Box Set)

ReBoot (8 DVDs Box Set)
Summary: ReBoot (1994–2002). The extraordinary adventures of life within a computer, as depicted in one of the world's first totally-computer-generated series. The riotous humour, infinitely-variable action and scenery, and intelligent use of every computer reference known, combine to produce a stunning universe where good constantly fights the forces of evil. Dot Matrix and her brother Enzo, plus thousands of friendly binomes, live in Mainframe, which is plagued by viruses Megabyte and sister strain Hexadecimal. Guardian Bob is sent from the Net to protect them, and soon makes it his home. Together, they must prevent Megabyte from taking control of all the systems. As an added complication, games being played by the mystical User invade the system regularly, and must be defeated, or else portions of the city are laid waste… This gives us a chance to see every genre of video-game ever conceived, from the point of view of the characters!
Creators: Gavin Blair, John Grace, Philip Mitchell
Stars: Michael Donovan, Kathleen Barr, Garry Chalk
More Information: IMDB, Wikipedia

DVD Video Preview:

DVD Video Preview:

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47 Total Episodes on 8 DVDs:
ReBoot S01 E01 – The Tearing
ReBoot S01 E02 – Racing The Clock
ReBoot S01 E03 – Quick And The Fed
ReBoot S01 E04 – Medusa Bug
ReBoot S01 E05 – The Tiff
ReBoot S01 E06 – In The Belly Of The Beast
ReBoot S01 E07 – The Crimson Binome
ReBoot S01 E08 – Enzo The Smart
ReBoot S01 E09 – Wizards, Warriors And A Word From Our Sponsor
ReBoot S01 E10 – The Great Brain Robbery
ReBoot S01 E11 – Talent Night
ReBoot S01 E12 – Identity Crisis (Part 1)
ReBoot S01 E13 – Identity Crisis (Part 2)
ReBoot S02 E01 – Infected
ReBoot S02 E02 – High Code
ReBoot S02 E03 – When Games Collide
ReBoot S02 E04 – Bad Bob
ReBoot S02 E05 – Painted Windows
ReBoot S02 E06 – AndrAIa
ReBoot S02 E07 – Nullzilla
ReBoot S02 E08 – Gigabyte
ReBoot S02 E09 – Trust No One
ReBoot S02 E10 – Web World Wars
ReBoot S03 E01 – To Mend And Defend
ReBoot S03 E02 – Between A Raccoon And A Hard Place
ReBoot S03 E03 – Firewall
ReBoot S03 E04 – Game Over
ReBoot S03 E05 – Icons
ReBoot S03 E06 – Where No Sprite Has Gone Before
ReBoot S03 E07 – Number 7
ReBoot S03 E08 – The Episode With No Name
ReBoot S03 E09 – The Return Of The Crimson Binome
ReBoot S03 E10 – The Edge Of Beyond
ReBoot S03 E11 – Web Riders On The Storm
ReBoot S03 E12 – Mousetrap
ReBoot S03 E13 – Megaframe
ReBoot S03 E14 – Showdown
ReBoot S03 E15 – System Crash
ReBoot S03 E16 – End Prog
ReBoot S04 E01 – Daemon Rising
ReBoot S04 E02 – Cross Nodes
ReBoot S04 E03 – Whats Love Got To Do With It
ReBoot S04 E04 – Sacrifice
ReBoot S04 E05 – My Two Bobs
ReBoot S04 E06 – Lifes A Glitch
ReBoot S04 E07 – Null Bot Of The Bride
ReBoot S04 E08 – Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus

ReBoot Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1990's ($5.95 value)

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