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Silverhawks (7 DVDs Box Set)

Silverhawks (7 DVDs Box Set)
Summary: Silverhawks (1986– ). When the outer space gangster known as Mon Star escapes from the Penal Planet, the Limbo section of the galaxy is in great peril. In response, an elite team of cyborgs called the Silverhawks are assembled as a counter force that is Limbo's best hope against Mon Star's gang.
Stars: Bob McFadden, Earl Hammond, Larry Kenney
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65 Total Episodes on 7 DVDs:
Silverhawks E01 – The Origin Story
Silverhawks E02 – Journey To Limbo
Silverhawks E03 – The Planet Eater
Silverhawks E04 – Save The Sun
Silverhawks E05 – Stop Timestopper
Silverhawks E06 – Darkbird
Silverhawks E07 – The Backroom
Silverhawks E08 – The Threat Of Dritt
Silverhawks E09 – Sky-Shadow
Silverhawks E10 – Magnetic Attraction
Silverhawks E11 – Gold Shield
Silverhawks E12 – Zero The Memory Thief
Silverhawks E13 – The Milk Run
Silverhawks E14 – The Hardware Trap: Part 1
Silverhawks E15 – The Hardware Trap: Part 2
Silverhawks E16 – Race Against Time
Silverhawks E17 – Operation Big Freeze
Silverhawks E18 – The Ghost Ship
Silverhawks E19 – The Great Galaxy Race
Silverhawks E20 – Fantascreen
Silverhawks E21 – Hotwing Hits Limbo
Silverhawks E22 – The Bounty Hunter
Silverhawks E23 – Zeek's Fumble
Silverhawks E24 – The Fighting Hawks
Silverhawks E25 – The Renegade Hero
Silverhawks E26 – One On One
Silverhawks E27 – No More Mr. Nice Guy
Silverhawks E28 – Music Of The Spheres
Silverhawks E29 – Limbo Gold Rush
Silverhawks E30 – Countdown To Zero
Silverhawks E31 – The Amber Amplifier
Silverhawks E32 – The Saviour Stone
Silverhawks E33 – Smiley
Silverhawks E34 – Gotbucks
Silverhawks E35 – Melodia's Siren Song
Silverhawks E36 – Tally-Hawk Returns
Silverhawks E37 – Undercover
Silverhawks E38 – Eye Of Infinity
Silverhawks E39 – A Piece Of The Action
Silverhawks E40 – Flashback
Silverhawks E41 – Super Birds
Silverhawks E42 – The Blue Door
Silverhawks E43 – The Star Of Bedlama
Silverhawks E44 – The Illusionist
Silverhawks E45 – The Bounty Hunter Returns
Silverhawks E46 – The Chase
Silverhawks E47 – Switch
Silverhawks E48 – Junkyard Dog
Silverhawks E49 – Window In Time
Silverhawks E50 – Gangwar: Part 1
Silverhawks E51 – Gangwar: Part 2
Silverhawks E52 – Sneak Attack: Part 1
Silverhawks E53 – Sneak Attack: Part 2
Silverhawks E54 – Moon*Star
Silverhawks E55 – The Diamond Stick-Pin
Silverhawks E56 – Burnout
Silverhawks E57 – Battle Cruiser
Silverhawks E58 – Small World
Silverhawks E59 – Match-Up
Silverhawks E60 – Stargazer's Refit
Silverhawks E61 – The Invisible Destroyer
Silverhawks E62 – The Harder They Fall
Silverhawks E63 – Uncle Rattler
Silverhawks E64 – Zeek's Power
Silverhawks E65 – Airshow

Silverhawks Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1980's ($5.95 value)

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