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X-Men (10 DVDs Box Set)

X-Men (10 DVDs Box Set)
Every episode and (rare) un-aired pilot episode.
10 DVDs in DVD box with box art.

X-Men, also known as X-Men: The Animated Series, is an American animated television series which debuted on October 31, 1992, in the United States on the Fox Network as part of its Fox Kids Saturday morning lineup. X-Men was Marvel Comics' second attempt at an animated X-Men TV series after the pilot X-Men: Pryde of the X-Men (included in DVD) was not picked up — though it was broadcast multiple times between 1989 and 1992.

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Season One

Script # Title Writer(s)[4] Original Airdate[4] Villain(s)
01 "Night of the Sentinels (Part 1)" Mark Edward Edens October 31, 1992 Sentinels
Jubilee is attacked by robots called Sentinels at a local mall but she is saved by Storm and Rogue, and taken to the X-Mansion for her safety. The X-Men discover that the group running the Mutant Registration Program intends to track and eliminate mutants. Later, the X-Men find the Sentinel base and infiltrate the base to destroy the files on mutants. 
02 "Night of the Sentinels (Part 2)" Mark Edward Edens November 7, 1992 Henry Gyrich, Bolivar Trask and Sentinels
Wolverine smells the soldiers' gun oil and quickly closes the door before the soldiers fire. Storm sweeps the guards away with her wind power. After destroying the files on mutants, the X-Men escape to the Blackbird, but are stopped by the Sentinels. During the fight with the Sentinels, Morph is shot and presumed dead. While Beast gets blasted against the fence and gets electrocuted and captured, the rest retreat to the Blackbird on Cyclops’ command. 
03 "Enter Magneto" Jim Carlson & Terrence McDonnell November 27, 1992 Sabertooth and Magneto
Sabretooth demands that Beast be set free and ends up going into a destructive rage, prompting the guards to shoot and injure him. Cyclops aids Sabretooth and brings him to the Mansions' infirmary, which does not sit well with Wolverine. Later, Magneto attacks a military missile facility. As the X-Men arrive, Magneto is preparing to launch nuclear missiles in order to ensure a war between mutants and humans. 
04 "Deadly Reunions" Don Glutt January 23, 1993 Sabertooth and Magneto
Magneto destroys a chemical plant in order to attract Professor X. 
05 "Captive Hearts" Robert N. Skir & Marty Isenberg January 30, 1993 Morlocks
A group of mutants called Morlocks capture Jean and Cyclops when they go out. 
06 "Cold Vengeance" Michael Edens February 6, 1993 Sabretooth
Wolverine flees to Canada to seek solitude in the Canadian wilderness. 
07 "Slave Island" Mark Edward Edens February 13, 1993 Sentinel, Master Mold, Henry Gyrich and Bolivar Trask
Gambit, Storm, Jubilee and a host of other mutants are made to work as slaves in Genosha in order to complete a dam which will power a Sentinel factory. 
08 "The Unstoppable Juggernaut" Julianne Klemm March 6, 1993 Juggernaut
After the X-Men find the X-Mansion destroyed, Wolverine goes looking for the suspect, followed by Storm, Rogue and Jubilee. 
09 "The Cure" Mark Edward Edens February 20, 1993 Apocalypse, Mystique, Pyro and Avalanche
A doctor at the Muir Island Mutant Research Center claims to have found a cure for the mutant gene. 
10 "Come the Apocalypse" Michael Edens February 27, 1993 Apocalypse and Mystique
The immortal mutant Apocalypse turns mutants who journeyed to Muir Island seeking the fictitious cure into the Horsemen – Famine, Pestilence, War, and Death. The Horsemen start destroying everything across the planet. 
11 "Days of Future Past (Part 1)" Julia Jane Lewald March 13, 1993 Nimrod and Sentinels
A mutant named Bishop travels through time from 2055 AD to the present in order to stop a member of the X-Men from assassinating someone. 
12 "Days of Future Past (Part 2)" Robert N. Skir & Marty Isenberg March 20, 1993 Mystique, The Blob, Pyro and Avalanche
The X-Men go to Washington, where the Brotherhood of Mutants plan to assassinate Senator Robert Kelly. 
13 "The Final Decision" Robert N. Skir & Marty Isenberg March 27, 1993 Magneto, Sentinels, Master Mold, Bolivar Trask and Henry Gyrich
Magneto brings Senator Kelly to a sunken ship to kill him, so that mutants and humans would go to war. Sentinels attack Magneto and take Senator Kelly. When the X-Men finally find where Magneto is, the Sentinels are already gone with the senator. The Sentinels take Senator Kelly to Master Mold. Master Mold wants to replace all the world leaders' brains with computers, so that Sentinels could control the world. 

Season Two

The second season saw a parallel narrative featuring Magneto and Professor X lost in the Savage Land interwoven throughout. Many of the stories dealt with the X-Men dealing with the professor's absence, as well as increasing the backstory of many of the X-Men, particularly Rogue and Wolverine.

Script # Title Writer(s)[5] Original Airdate[5] Villain(s)
14 "Till Death Do Us Part (Part 1)" Mark Edward Edens October 23, 1993 Mister Sinister, Morph, Graydon Creed
Mister Sinister uses a brainwashed Morph to lay traps to destroy the X-Men one by one. 
15 "Till Death Do Us Part (Part 2)" Michael Edens October 30, 1993 Mister Sinister, Morph, Graydon Creed
Mister Sinister and his Nasty Boys kidnap Cyclops and Jean Grey, while the X-Men battle Morph at the mansion. 
16 "Whatever It Takes" Julia Jane Lewald November 6, 1993 Shadow King, Morph
The Shadow King lures Storm home to Mt. Kilimanjaro by 'possessing' her young spiritual son Mjnari, so Rogue and Storm travel to Africa to stop the Shadow King. 
17 "Red Dawn" Francis Moss & Ted Pedersen November 13, 1993 Omega Red
Omega Red, the ultimate living weapon, is resuscitated by three corrupt generals who want to reclaim and rule the crumbling old Soviet empire. Colossus goes to the X-Men for help to save his country and its fragile freedom from these forces of tyranny. 
18 "Repo Man" Len Wein November 20, 1993 Vindicator, Alpha Flight
James Hudson (comics) 
19 "X-Ternally Yours" Julianne Klemm December 4, 1993 Bella Donna, X-Ternal
Gambit is forced to return to his southern roots by an ancient tithe, an old family feud and the kidnapping of his brother, Bobby. Bella Donna of the Assassin's Guild uses the kidnapping to lure Gambit into her clutches and force him into completing the aborted marriage. 
20 "Time Fugitives (Part 1)" Michael Edens December 11, 1993 Graydon Creed, Apocalypse
Cable]] uses his time device and sees that Bishop traveled from 2055 AD to the present to stop a plague, which Apocalypse started. 
21 "Time Fugitives (Part 2)" Elliot S. Maggin December 18, 1993 Apocalypse
Cable comes to the present to stop Bishop and save his own future world. 
22 "A Rogue's Tale" Robert N. Skir & Marty Isenberg January 8, 1994 Mystique, Mister Sinister, Pyro, Avalanche, The Blob, Ms. Marvel
Mystique, Rogue's foster mother, forces her to revisit her own past. 
23 "Beauty & the Beast" Stephanie Mathison January 15, 1994 Graydon Creed, Sabretooth
Beast falls in love with Carly, a blind patient of his. Carly's father is a rampant mutant hater until the Friends of Humanity thugs kidnap Carly. 
24 "Mojovision" Brooks Wachtel February 5, 1994 Mojo, Sauron
An alien, Mojo, kidnaps and casts the X-Men as his latest all-galaxy television hit. 
25 "Reunion (Part 1)" Len Wein February 12, 1994 Mister Sinister, Sauron
Xavier and Magneto are the bait as Mister Sinister lures the other X-Men to his fortress in the Savage Land. 
26 "Reunion (Part 2)" Michael Edens February 19, 1994 Mister Sinister, Sauron
Upon touchdown in the Savage Land, the X-Men's mutant powers have been neutralized by Sinister's machines and they are immediately captured by the Nasty Boys and Mutates. 

Season Three

After the "Phoenix Saga," episodes were aired in a more random sequence. Also, due to animation problems with a few episodes, several would not appear until the fourth or even fifth season.

Script # Title Writer(s)[6] Original Airdate[6] Villain(s)
27 "Out of the Past (Part 1)" Michael Edens July 29, 1994 Yuriko, Reavers
Wolverine's former love, a Japanese woman named Yuriko, lures Wolverine into the Morlocks' tunnels with Gambit and Jubilee tailing behind Wolverine. 
28 "Out of the Past (Part 2)" Len Wein August 5, 1994 Yuriko, M'Kraan Spirit Drinker
Yuriko's alien discovery — a Shi'ar vessel — turns out to be a prison cell containing a voracious, gaseous prisoner, the Spirit Drinker. 
29 "Phoenix Saga (Part 1): Sacrifice" Michael Edens September 5, 1994 Erik the Red
An emissary of the alien race the Shi'ar, Erik the Red takes over the Eagle One space station. 
30 "Phoenix Saga (Part 2): The Dark Shroud" Mark Edward Edens September 6, 1994 Juggernaut, Black Tom Cassidy
The space shuttle crash-lands in Jamaica Bay. Though the other X-Men are unscathed, Jean Grey's fate is unknown, until she flies into the air, displaying powers and a new costume she has never used before, and proclaims herself "The Phoenix" before collapsing, suffering from confusion, memory loss, and vast new powers. 
31 "Phoenix Saga (Part 3): The Cry of the Banshee" Michael Edens September 7, 1994 Juggernaut, Black Tom Cassidy, Gladiator
The X-Men and Banshee go to save Lilandra. Jean Grey continues to exhibit inexplicable symptoms. 
32 "Phoenix Saga (Part 4): The Starjammers" Mark Edward Edens September 8, 1994 Starjammers, D'Ken
Phoenix transports all the X-Men to Lilandra's ship, where she has hidden the M'Kraan Crystal. A group of space pirates called the Starjammers attack and steal the M'Kraan Crystal from the X-Men. 
33 "Phoenix Saga (Part 5): Child of Light" Mark Edward Edens September 9, 1994 D'Ken
D'Ken gets pulled into the Crystal, and becomes one with the universe inside it. 
34 "No Mutant Is an Island[a]" Sandy Scesny September 21, 1996 Kilgrave
Cyclops, still in mourning after Phoenix's death, quits the X-Men and returns to the orphanage he grew up in and encounters his friend Sarah. 
35 "Obsession" Adam Gilad September 24, 1994 Apocalypse
Archangel has become obsessed with destroying Apocalypse, who he blames for ruining his life. 
36 "Longshot[a]" Steven Melching & David McDermott October 5, 1996 Mojo
Longshot, rebel from another world, tumbles into this world with no memory. 
37 "Cold Comfort" Len Uhley February 4, 1995 Iceman, X-Factor
Former X-Man Bobby 'Iceman' Drake is caught breaking into a top-secret government installation. 
38 "Savage Land, Strange Heart (Part 1)" Robert N. Skir & Marty Isenberg September 10, 1994 Sauron, Zaladane, Garokk
Sauron kidnaps Storm to the Savage Land in order to feed from her mutant energy. 
39 "Savage Land, Strange Heart (Part 2)" Robert N. Skir & Marty Isenberg September 17, 1994 Sauron, Zaladane, Garokk
Garokk fuses with the island's volcano and the surging planetary force below it. 
40 "The Dark Phoenix Saga (Part 1): Dazzled" Jan Strnad November 12, 1994 Phoenix, Mastermind, Inner Circle Club
The Phoenix continues to inhabit Jean's body. Jean is beginning to lose control, and the Phoenix begins to brazenly take over at will. When the Inner Circle Club learn of the Phoenix's power, they use Jason Wyngarde to create a new history in the mind of the confused Jean/Phoenix. 
41 "The Dark Phoenix Saga (Part 2): The Inner Circle" Steven Levi November 12, 1994 Inner Circle Club, Phoenix
As Professor X and Emma Frost battle for psychic control of Jean, the Inner Circle members quarrel over how to dispose of their prisoners, the X-Men. 
42 "The Dark Phoenix Saga (Part 3): The Dark Phoenix" Larry Parr November 19, 1994 Phoenix, Lilandra
When the X-Men confront the Phoenix and ask it to give up Jean's body, Dark Phoenix vows to destroy the team, defeating them easily. 
43 "The Dark Phoenix Saga (Part 4): The Fate of the Phoenix" Brooks Wachtel November 26, 1994 Lilandra, Phoenix
In the Shi'ar court, Lilandra reveals Phoenix's destruction of the D'Bari solar system and declared that Phoenix has transformed into the Destroyer of legend and must die. 
44 "Orphan's End" Doug Booth February 25, 1995 Shi'Ar
Cyclops discovers that Corsair may be his father. Corsair is on the run from Shi'Ar authorities, who demand that Cyclops turn him over to them. 
45 "Love in Vain" Martha Moran February 10, 1996 Family
Wolverine witnesses the crash of a spaceship carrying horrific, alien bug-like creatures—the Family—which overwhelm him. 
46 "The Juggernaut Returns[b]" Julianne Klemm May 6, 1995 Juggernaut
Juggernaut's life is at risk when someone else uncovers the Ruby of Cyttorak and claims the powers of Juggernaut for himself, wanting to pick up girls. 
47 "A Deal with the Devil[a]" Eric Lewald September 14, 1996 Omega Red
Omega Red, the destruction machine from the former Soviet Union and a sworn enemy of Wolverine, is thawed and sent two miles beneath the ocean to salvage a disabled, toxic nuclear submarine threatening to break up near Hawaii. His only condition: Wolverine and Storm go down with him as insurance. 
48 "Sanctuary (Part 1)" Steven Melching & David McDermott October 21, 1995 Magneto, Fabian Cortez
Weary of battling for mutant supremacy, Magneto offers to transport all mutants to an orbiting asteroid named Asteroid M where they can live peaceful and human-free lives; however, Fabian Cortez tricks Magneto into an escape pod and launches him into space. 
49 "Sanctuary (Part 2)" Jeff Saylor October 28, 1995 Fabian Cortez, Apocalypse
As Magneto plummets helplessly to Earth, Fabian Cortez assumes control of Asteroid M and sends hundreds of missiles towards Earth. Meanwhile, Rogue goes to help the X-Men and tries to find a missing Gambit. Magneto frees himself and returns in time to destroy both the missiles and Asteroid M. Everyone escapes before the asteroid is destroyed and they all return home (Gambit included!) Meanwhile, Cortez is rescued from the descending asteroid by Deathbird... and Apocalypse! 
50 "Xavier Remembers" Stephanie Mathison April 27, 1996 Shadow King
When Professor X suffers a slight concussion, his powerful psychic mind is suddenly open to manipulation. The Shadow King takes advantage of this and takes possession of Xavier, leaving his mind trapped on the Astral Plane. 
51 "Courage" Michael Edens & Sandy Scesny September 23, 1995 Master Mold, Sentinels, Henry Gyrich, Bolivar Trask
The day Morph rejoins the X-Men, terrorists attack a top-secret, high-tech weapons factory; the alert interrupts his homecoming party. 
52 "Secrets, Not Long Buried" Mark Onspaugh February 17, 1996 Children of the Shadow
When Cyclops flies solo to a tiny, western, desert community to see an old friend, his plane is blasted out of the sky. Injured and unable to use his powers, he struggles into town, only to discover his friend is missing and the town is caught in the grips of a militant, mutant-only, anti-human hate group: the Children of the Shadow. 

Season Four

Some of the Season 4 episodes were aired during Season 3 to compensate for episodes in that season being pushed back.

Script # Title Writer(s)[7] Original Airdate[7] Villain(s)
53 "Nightcrawler[b]" Len Uhley May 13, 1995 Mystique, Brother Reinhardt
Gambit, Rogue, and Wolverine take a ski trip in Germany. While Gambit and Rogue seem to be enjoying themselves, Wolverine is restless, and longs for some action. When he hears reports of a demon hiding in a local monastery, his investigation reveals not a demon, but a mutant, Nightcrawler, whose devilish appearance is in stark contrast to his peaceful and deeply philosophical nature. Later the townsfolk attack and burn the monastery. The X-Men convince the townsfolk not to fear what they do not understand, Wolverine, too, learns something about the nature of faith. 
54 "One Man's Worth (Part 1)" Richard Mueller September 9, 1995 Master Mold, Bantam, Trevor Fitzroy, Nimrod
Trevor Fitzroy and Bantam travel back in time to 1959 and kill Professor X as Master Mold ordered them. This creates an alternate present time-line, where a human-mutant war has destroyed everything. Bishop and Shard arrive in 'alternate present,' where humans battle violently against 'The Leader' Magneto, and his followers who include husband and wife Wolverine and Storm. Bishop and Shard recruit Wolverine and Storm to help stop Fitzroy, but they fail. 
55 "One Man's Worth (Part 2)" Gary Greenfield September 16, 1995 Master Mold, Bantam, Trevor Fitzroy, Nimrod
Failing to stop the assassination of Xavier, Bishop, Shard, Storm and Wolverine travel forward to the future, a future changed so much that Forge's time travel machine has never been tested, and Forge has no idea who these four time travelers are. After they convince Forge, they go back a few minutes before Xavier died and save him. Everything reverts to normal. 
56 "Proteus (Part 1)" Bruce Reid Schaefer September 30, 1995 Proteus
Moira MacTaggert is trying to help her son Kevin (Proteus), but when he escapes from Muir Island she calls on the X-Men for help. Proteus who has never been off the island is wreaking havoc while trying to find his father. 
57 "Proteus (Part 2)" Luanne Crocker October 7, 1995 Proteus
When Proteus discovers that his deadbeat dad is a prominent politician, he storms the Union Hall right in the middle of his dad's campaign speech on 'family values.' Proteus tells his father that he is his son, his father denies it and runs off in horror, crying for help. Angered at his father's reaction, Proteus creates havoc, but Professor X later calms him down, and he stops the rampage. Then he goes back to Muir Island with Moira MacTaggert. 
58 "Family Ties" Marley Clark May 4, 1996 Magneto, High Evolutionary
Shortly after Magneto breaks into the X-Mansion, High Evolutionary and his New Men capture him, Quicksilver, Beast, Wolverine and Scarlet Witch, to do experiments on them. He also reveals that Magneto is Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch's father. The other X-Men later defeat High Evolutionary and His New Men, and save the captured mutants. During this episode, High Evolutionary transformed Wolverine into a werewolf. 
59 "Bloodlines" Len Uhley October 26, 1996 Graydon Creed, Mystique, Sabretooth
Nightcrawler gets a mysterious message. He is informed that his birth mother (whom he never knew) is in trouble. He turns to the X-Men for assistance. Jubilee is baffled that Nightcrawler wants to help the mother who abandoned him. Nightcrawler admits there has been pain, but his faith in God has helped him overcome her rejection. The plot thickens when one of the team members recognizes Nightcrawler's mother's voice. 
60 "The Lotus and the Steel" Ted Pedersen & Francis Moss February 3, 1996 Silver Samurai
Wolverine, losing control, quits the X-Men and returns to the rural Japan of his younger days, in an effort to find himself. He works peacefully with a former spiritual teacher, the monk Oku, to build a temple. But the neighboring village is about to be attacked by bandits, led by the merciless Silver Samurai, unless payment is made. Some of the villagers want to resist, and ask Wolverine for help. Wolverine is torn. This is just the sort of thing he had wanted to leave behind. Wolverine bests the Samurai in single combat by taking advantage of Samurai's habit of teleporting in behind him: Wolverine anticipates the move and disables the teleportation device, humiliating Samurai. 
61 "Weapon X, Lies, and Videotape[b]" David McDermott & Steven Melching June 11, 1995 Sabretooth
A cryptic postcard unleashes a flood of maddening and painful memories in Wolverine that threaten to drive him insane. To keep his mind from being torn apart, Wolverine and Beast travel to the one location that may hold the answers to his hidden past: the ruins of the top-secret Weapon X lab where Wolverine's bones were laced with adamantium. There he encounters other former 'test subjects'—Sabretooth, Maverick and Silver Fox—who are suffering similar mental breakdowns. Later they find out that many of their memories were implanted, and their true memories are destroyed with the lab. 
62 "Have Yourself a Morlock Little X-Mas" Eric Lewald & Larry Parr December 23, 1995 N/A
As all of the X-Men prepare for a festive Christmas, foster child Jubilee is thrilled. She, Storm, and grouchy humbug Wolverine go last-minute shopping in Manhattan, only to be caught in a life-or-death crisis involving Leech, the littlest Morlock. Leech needs blood transfusion, so Wolverine's blood is given and then Leech gets better. Additionally Storm agrees to give back to Callisto her title as the Morlock's official leader. 
63 "Beyond Good and Evil (Part 1): The End of Time" Steve Cuden November 4, 1995 Apocalypse, Mister Sinister
In 3999 Apocalypse tricks Cable and steals Cable's time device and goes back in time, but he accidentally falls in the axis of Time. Apocalypse hires Mister Sinister to kidnap psychics all across the universe. Meanwhile, Jean and Scott try to get married again. 
64 "Beyond Good and Evil (Part 2): Promise of Apocalypse" Jan Strnad November 11, 1995 Apocalypse, Mister Sinister, Magneto, Mystique
Apocalypse kidnaps Psylocke, Jean Grey and Professor X. Meanwhile Bishop also gets trapped in the axis of time. Also, Cable and his son break into a government base to steal a time-device. 
65 "Beyond Good and Evil (Part 3): The Lazarus Chamber" Michael Edens November 18, 1995 Apocalypse, Mister Sinister, Magneto, Mystique
Cable also uses another time-machine and comes to the present to get the X-Men's help in destroying Apocalypse's Lazarus Chamber. They go back in time to ancient Cairo and destroy the chamber. Apocalypse plans to use the psychics to destroy all time, and recreate a universe, where he will rule unchallenged. 
66 "Beyond Good and Evil (Part 4): End and Beginning" Dean Stefan November 25, 1995 Apocalypse, Mister Sinister, Magneto, Mystique
As the true and terrifying nature of Apocalypse's final plan emerges, several in his band team up with the X-Men to stop him. With Bishop's help the psychics are freed. At the end the psychics move Apocalypse to the Astral Plane, so he could age without the help of his chamber. 

Season Five

"Beyond Good and Evil" was meant to be an ending to the series, until FOX bought a few more episodes at the last minute.[citation needed] As such, the final six episodes have a different animation style. Saban hired a studio in the Philippines (simply called the Philippine Animation Studio, which also worked on the second season of the 1994 Fantastic Four series) because the animation studio AKOM (the company that did the previous four seasons) was unavailable due to other projects in their pipeline.

Script # Title Writer(s)[8] Original Airdate[8] Villain(s)
67 "The Phalanx Covenant (Part 1)" Steven Melching & David McDermott September 7, 1996 Phalanx
The X-Men are attacked by the Phalanx, a race of techno-organic aliens seeking to assimilate all life on earth. The alien Warlock allies with Beast, Forge, and Mr. Sinister to defeat the Phalanx. 
68 "The Phalanx Covenant (Part 2)" Steven Melching & David McDermott September 7, 1996 Phalanx
The X-Men are attacked by the Phalanx, a race of techno-organic aliens seeking to assimilate all life on earth. Warlock, Beast, Forge and Mr. Sinister are trying to find help but Magneto at first sees this as his chance to watch humanity go down until he learns his son Quicksilver has been captured by the Phalanx. 
69 "Storm Front (Part 1)" Mirith Colao November 2, 1996 Robots
The alien Arkon comes to Earth and begs Storm to return with him to his planet, to save it from meteorological chaos which threatens his people. After much pleading, Storm agrees, but leaves a clue for the other X-Men to follow. Once successful, Storm is proclaimed savior throughout this universe. Then Arkon asks her to marry him. 
70 "Storm Front (Part 2)" Brooks Wachtel November 9, 1996 Arkon
Spectacular preparations for Storm's wedding to Arkon proceed quickly. Meanwhile the X-Men discover that Arkon is a ruthless tyrant. 
71 "Jubilee's Fairytale Theatre" Brooks Wachtel November 16, 1996 Magneto, Sabretooth
Jubilee leads a group of school children on tour of a cave on Mansion property, only to be caught in a cave-in. As the water in the cave rises, she keeps the kids calm by spinning a medieval fairy tale of knights, princesses, trolls and dragons. Some of these characters might just seem to resemble the X-Men. As she tells the kids the stories, the real X-Men arrive and save them. 
72 "The Fifth Horseman" Steven Melching & David McDermott February 8, 1997 Fabian Cortez, Apocalypse
Fabian Cortez kidnaps Jubilee because Apocalypse is trapped in Astral Plane and needs a host body. Cortez brings her to a temple, but Beast comes and rescues Jubilee and destroys the temple. At the end, when Apocalypse comes out of a portal, he takes over Cortez's body, transforming it into his form and banishing Cortez from it. 
73 "Old Soldiers" Len Wein February 22, 1997 Red Skull
Wolverine thinks back to the time when he fought during World War II and teamed up with Captain America. Wolverine and Captain America must break into a Nazi establishment to rescue a kidnapped scientist, and fight the Red Skull. 
74 "Hidden Agendas" Steven Melching & David McDermott September 6, 1997 Army officials
Sam Guthrie's parents have contacted Professor Xavier about their son's mutant powers. Rogue goes back to the South to check things out and finds Sam living the life she never had. Family and friends support the young Cannonball, but Rogue must teach him how the rest of the world lives when shadowy Army officials attempt to use the youthful mutant. 
75 "Descent" Steven Melching & David McDermott September 13, 1997 Mister Sinister
In London, England's Victorian era, two scientists, Dr. James Xavier and Dr. Nathaniel Essex, hotly debate Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection. Essex believes mutants are the next genetic step forward and begins a bizarre experiment involving mutant evolution. The origin of Mr. Sinister is revealed, as Dr. Xavier attempts to stop Essex before he goes too far. 
76 "Graduation Day" James Krieg September 20, 1997 Magneto, Henry Gyrich
It's the final episode for the X-Men. At a Mutant/Human Relations Summit, Henry Peter Gyrich attacks and cripples Professor Xavier with an energy disruptor. The X-Men and Moira MacTaggert try to save Xavier, but all seems lost. Lilandra comes and has a cure, but Professor Xavier must leave with her and go with her to the Shi'Ar Empire to be cured. Meanwhile, Magneto makes final preparations to take over the world with his mutant army, but on the eve of the invasion Cyclops, Wolverine, and Jean Grey infiltrate Genosha to tell Magneto that Xavier is dying. He halts the assault on humankind out of respect for his greatest enemy, equal, and only friend. The final scene of the show depicts a lasting moment as all of the X-Men and Magneto stand outside the X-Mansion and say goodbye to Xavier as he leaves with Lilandra and her ship to the Shi'Ar home world. 


  • a No Mutant Is an Island, A Deal with the Devil, and Longshot episodes were originally part of season three; however, due to animation problems they were held back for two years; and consequently, Jean Grey's resurrection was not properly explained.[9]
  • b The Juggernaut Returns, Nightcrawler, and Weapon X, Lies, & Videotape episodes were originally a part of season four; however, they were pushed up to the third season to make up for No Mutant Is an Island, A Deal with the Devil, and Longshot episodes being pushed back.[10][11][12]

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