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Dr. Dimensionpants (6 DVDs Box Set)

Dr. Dimensionpants (6 DVDs Box Set)
Summary: Dr. Dimensionpants (2014– ). Its about a child who gets dome dimensionpants to save the world by catching crooks and sending them to other dimensions.
Creator: Brad Peyton
Stars: Jaedon Siewert, Zac Siewert, Zoey Siewert.
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DVD Video Preview:

51 Total Episodes on 6 DVDs:
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E02 Bravo Dimensionpants
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E03 BBF Co
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E04 Bubble Troubles
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E05 Dr Dimensionpants
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E06 Cupcakes At Larg
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E07 I Tabby
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E08 Robo Teddy
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E09 Showbiz Unicorn
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E10 My Pet Human
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E11 Best Christmas Yet
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E12 Christmas Eve Of Destruction
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E13 Poppacorn
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E14 Pranks A Lot.
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E15 Dr Dimensionsocks
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E16 The Cortex In The Vortex
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E17 Evil Dad
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E18 Are You Ready To Oink
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E19 In Your Face Dance
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E20 Cave Crasher
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E21 How To Scam A Roblin.
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E22 Fee Fine Foe
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E23 Air Dimensionpants
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E24 Dolly Of Doom
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E25 Viking Games
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E26 Is There A.Doctor In This Dimension
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E27 Dry Clean Only
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E28 Princess Perfectpants
Dr.Dimensionpants.S01E29 Unicrone Penalty Box
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E30 The Pink Feather
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E31 Get Smarter
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E32 Mothos Boy
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E33 Horn Control
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E34 Level 7 Birthday Magician
Dr.Dimensionpants.S01E35 Horsing Around
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E36 Dr Conventionpants
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E37 Faster Higher Lazier
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E38 The Phantom Nuisance
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E39 Goody Gobbles
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E40 Los Luchadores Lipton
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E41 Not So Secret Admirer
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E42 Catch And Release
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E43 Nice Inator
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E44 Wrongo Bongo
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E45 The Brainy Sitter
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E46 Sidekickn I
Dr.Dimensionpants.S01E47 Destroy All Chores
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E48 Dimension Skirt
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E49 Henchman
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E50 The Lesser Evil
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E51 Destructocorn Transform
Dr.Dimensionpants S01E52 Menters Only

Dr. Dimensionpants Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1990's ($5.95 value)

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