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Camp Lakebottom Complete (5 DVDs Box Set)

Camp Lakebottom Complete (5 DVDs Box Set)
Summary: Camp Lakebottom Complete. An animated comedy about 12-year-old pranksterMcGee, who was headed for an awesome summer at Camp Sunny Smiles when his bus took a wrong turn and landed him at old, run down and ridiculously spooky CAMP LAKEBOTTOM! McGee soon discovers though that Lakebottom is not just your average camp; it's the BEST CAMP EVER! That is, if you're into surfing "killer" waves, eating french flies at lunch and having monsters as counselors. It may seem scary, but McGee and his pals Gretchen and Squirt are having a blast and will do anything to protect Lakebottom from his nemesis Buttsquat at the snooty camp across the lake, Camp Sunny Smiles.

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48 Total Episodes on 5 DVDs:
Episode 1 Escape From Camp Lakebottom/Rise Of The Bottom Dwellers
Episode 2 Afternoon Of The Living Glitch/Mindsuckers From The Depths
Episode 3 Jaws Of Old Toothy/Arachnattack
Episode 4 Cluck Of The Were Chicken/Gnome Force
Episode 5 Stage Fright/Frankenfixer
Episode 6 Cheeks Of Dread/Doo Doo Doomsday
Episode 7 The Lakebottom Marshmallow Massacre/28 Suzis Later
Episode 8 Pranks For Nothing/Zombie Dearest
Episode 9 Terror From The Toybox/Slimeball Run
Episode 10 Bite Of The Buttsquat/Sword Of Ittybiticus
Episode 11 It's A Headless Horse, Man/Voyage To The Bottom Of The Deep
Episode 12 Pirates Of Ickygloomy/Attack Of The 50-Foot Squirt
Episode 13 Bloody Marty/Ghost In The Mower
Episode 14 Are You My Mummy?/Slimey Come
Episode 15 Trouble In Spit Creek/The Spy Who Quatched Me
Episode 16 Ants In My Camp/Fanboy Freakout
Episode 17 McGee T/The Great Tiki Hunt
Episode 18 The Superfantastic Mega-Buds/It Came From My Nose
Episode 19 McGee The Mermaid/Welcome To Buttcon
Episode 20 High Plains Garbage Eater/Dream A Little Scream
Episode 21 Camp Plantbottom/Game Over
Episode 22 Clockwork Slime/Ride The Haunted Howler
Episode 23 Butttastic Journey/Monkey See/Monkey Kung Fu
Episode 24 Red Drawn/Pandora's Jock
Episode 25 Ring Around The Gretchen/Chili Con Carnage
Episode 26 Valley Of The Iguanasquat/The Legend Of Wiggly's Gold
Episode 27 Adventures In Bottomland/Golem My Way
Episode 28 S.P.U.D.S./Monster Hunters R Us
Episode 29 Golfadoom/There Is Something About Mamba
Episode 30 Eclipsalypso/Apocalypse Squirt
Episode 31 Itchy Witchy Pizza Project/Breakout From Buttvalut B
Episode 32 Scare-a-Normal Activity/Beast Feast
Episode 33 Big Top Terror/Slimal Fear
Episode 34 The Abominable Dr. Squatch/Who's Ghouling Who
Episode 35 Schwampbillies/Remember Fort Sunny Bottom
Episode 36 Seven Foot Itch/Being McGee
Episode 37 Messie Bessie/Nanny Num Nums (Nanny McFear)
Episode 38 Pod Parents/Zombie Scouts
Episode 39 Cabin Fever/It's A Horrible Life
Episode 40 Bird Brains/The Real Vincent
Episode 41 McCrossroads/Lucky Duck
Episode 42 When Suzis Attack/How To Potty Train Your Dragon
Episode 43 Hiccups/Boogeyman Fever
Episode 44 Fright Club/Bottom Dome
Episode 45 Knock On Wood
Episode 46 The Day Squirt Stood Still/Anti Gravity
Episode 47 Last Day/Duh'Rehka
Episode 48 Chore Leave/Ice Queen

Camp Lakebottom Complete Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1980's ($9.95 value)

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