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Silver Fang (3 DVDs Box Set)

Silver Fang (3 DVDs Box Set)
Summary: Silver Fang (1986). The series tells the story of an Akita Inu pup called Gin (Japanese for "silver") who leaves his master, a young boy named Daisuke, to join a pack of wild dogs. The pack is gathering strong dogs from all over Japan to fight a deranged bear named Akakabuto and his minions. The story begins from the point of view of the humans, but swings to the dogs with episode seven of the anime. It is in that episode that the audience hears the dogs communicating with each other through speech, though it continues to be barks and whines to human ears. Takahashi was reportedly inspired by a news article about hunting dogs that had been abandoned by their masters and had begun living as wild animals.
Language: Japanese, English Sub
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21 Total Episodes on 3 DVDs:
Silver Fang Episode 1 – The Small Hero… Silver's Birth!
Silver Fang Episode 2 – Gin's Effort For The Other Side… There Is A Tomorrow!
Silver Fang Episode 3 – Now We Know Silver's Friendship Is For Life!
Silver Fang Episode 4 – The Challenge Of Akakabuto's Bear Family!
Silver Fang Episode 5 – Victory! Although The Scars Come!
Silver Fang Episode 6 – Howl! The Mountain Calls!
Silver Fang Episode 7 – Scarred In Your Heart Forever! The Oath Of The Group!
Silver Fang Episode 8 – Now! Go On The Journey Of An Adult!
Silver Fang Episode 9 – Demon Dog! The Three Kai Brothers!
Silver Fang Episode 10 – Monster! Moss's Soldiers On The Rock Peak!
Silver Fang Episode 11 – Patience Dog! The Dark Shadow Of The Iga Village!
Silver Fang Episode 12 – It's Dangerous Ben! The Confrontation Of The Ninja Grounds!
Silver Fang Episode 13 – Justice! The Orders Of The Leader!
Silver Fang Episode 14 – Advancing! The Small One Is The Young Leader!
Silver Fang Episode 15 – Crimson Cherryblossom! The Strongest One Of All!
Silver Fang Episode 16 – The Tears Arrive! A Close Companion Meets Their Death!
Silver Fang Episode 17 – Now, We Realise! The Origin Of The Leader!
Silver Fang Episode 18 – Fight! The Strongest One Throws Away Their Life!
Silver Fang Episode 19 – Pitterful! The Last Moment Of Crimson Cherryblossom!
Silver Fang Episode 20 – Angry Silver! Now Show Your Courage!
Silver Fang Episode 21 – Silver! Go Upon The Journey Of A New Leadership!

Silver Fang Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1980's ($9.95 value)

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