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Galaxy Goof-Ups Complete (2 DVDs Box Set)

Galaxy Goof-Ups Complete (2 DVDs Box Set)
Summary: Galaxy Goof-Ups Complete. Originally, this was part of Yogi's Space Race before it had its own show. Yogi, Huck, Scarebear, and Quack-Up join the galaxy guardians headed by their leader, Captain Snerdley. Unfortunately, the quartet always seems to goof-up in some way. They'd rather dance at the disco club then catching evil doers!

DVD Video Preview:
DVD Video Preview:

DVD Video Preview:

12 Total Episodes on 2 DVDs:
Galaxy Goof-Ups Episode 1 The Purloined Princess
Galaxy Goof-Ups Episode 2 Defective Protectives
Galaxy Goof-Ups Episode 3 Whose Zoo?
Galaxy Goof-Ups Episode 4 The Space Pirates
Galaxy Goof-Ups Episode 5 The Clone Ranger
Galaxy Goof-Ups Episode 6 The Dopey Defenders
Galaxy Goof-Ups Episode 7 Tacky Cat Strikes Again
Galaxy Goof-Ups Episode 8 Space Station USA
Galaxy Goof-Ups Episode 9 Hail, King Yogi!
Galaxy Goof-Ups Episode 11 Vampire Of Space
Galaxy Goof-Ups Episode 12 The Treasure Of Congo-Bongo
Galaxy Goof-Ups Episode 13 Captain Snerdley Goes Bananas

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Galaxy Goof-Ups Complete Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1970's ($5.95 value)

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