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Chowder (5 DVDs Box Set)

Chowder (5 DVDs Box Set)
Summary: Chowder (2007–2010). Young Chowder dreams of becoming a chef someday. He works as an apprentice to famous chef Mung Daal who is always offering Chowder advice on love and cooking. Panini also works in the kitchen and thinks Chowder is her boyfriend, while Shnitzel is a rock monster who doesn't think much of Chowder and his smelly best friend Kimchi the stinky cloud.
Creator: C.H. Greenblatt
Stars: Nicky Jones, Dwight Schultz, John DiMaggio
More Information: IMDB, Wikipedia

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49 Total Episodes on 5 DVDs:
Chowder S01E01 – The Froggy Apple Crumble Thumpkin + Chowder's Girlfriend
Chowder S01E02 – Burple Nurples + Shnitzel Makes A Deposit
Chowder S01E03 – Grubble Gum + The Cinnamini Monster
Chowder S01E04 – Sing Beans + Certifrycation Class
Chowder S01E05 – The Wrong Address + The Wrong Customer
Chowder S01E06 – Majhongg Night + Stinky Love
Chowder S01E07 – The Thrice Cream Man + The Flibber-Flabber Diet
Chowder S01E08 – Gazpacho Stands Up + A Taste Of Marzipan
Chowder S01E09 – The Puckerberry Overlords + The Elemelons
Chowder S01E10 – Sniffleball + Mung On The Rocks
Chowder S01E11 – The Heavy Sleeper + The Moldy Touch
Chowder S01E12 – At Your Service + Chowder And Mr. Fugu
Chowder S01E13 – The Vacation + The Sleep Eater
Chowder S01E14 – The Bruised Bluenana + Shnitzel And The Lead Farfel
Chowder S01E15 – The Thousand Pound Cake + The Rat Sandwich
Chowder S01E16 – Chowder Loses His Hat + Brain Grub
Chowder S01E17 – Shnitzel Quits
Chowder S01E18 – The Broken Part + The Meach Harvest
Chowder S01E19 – Banned From The Stand + Creme Puff Hands
Chowder S01E20 – The Apprentice Games
Chowder S02E01 – The Arborians + The Garage Sale
Chowder S02E02 – Panini For President + Chowder's Babysitter
Chowder S02E03 – The Fire Breather + The Flying Flinger Lingons
Chowder S02E04 – Hey, Hey It's Knishmas
Chowder S02E05 – Chowder's Catering Company + The Catch Phrase
Chowder S02E06 – The Hot Date + The Shopping Spree
Chowder S02E07 – The Party Cruise + Won-Ton Bombs
Chowder S02E08 – The Big Hat Biddies + The Deadly Maze
Chowder S02E09 – Kid Shnitzel + Gazpacho Fights Back
Chowder S02E10 – The B.L.T.'s + The Trouble With Truffles
Chowder S02E11 – The Dinner Theater
Chowder S02E12 – Big Ball + The Brain Freeze
Chowder S02E13 – The Snail Car + The Lollistops
Chowder S02E14 – Endive's Dirty Secret + Big Food
Chowder S02E15 – Paint The Town + The Blackout
Chowder S02E16 – The Dice Cycle + The Chain Recipe
Chowder S02E17 – The Garden + Sheboodles
Chowder S02E18 – Gazpacho Moves In + My Big Fat Stinky Wedding
Chowder S02E19 – Apprentice Appreciation Day + The Grape Worm
Chowder S02E20 – A Faire To Remember + Tofu-Town Showdown
Chowder S03E01 – Hands On A Big Mixer + The Blast Raz
Chowder S03E02 – The Apprentice Scouts + The Belgian Waffle Slobber-Barker
Chowder S03E03 – The Spookiest House In Marzipan + The Poultry Geist
Chowder S03E04 – A Little Bit Of Pizzazz! + The Birthday Suits
Chowder S03E05 – The Heist + The Prank
Chowder S03E06 – Old Man Thyme + Chowder's Magazine
Chowder S03E07 – Weekend At Shnitzel's + Taste Buds
Chowder S03E08 – Gazpacho! + The Toots
Chowder S03E09 – Chowder Grows Up

Chowder Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1990's ($7.95 value)

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