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Clarence Volume 1 and 2 (7 DVDs Box Set)

Clarence Volume 1 and 2 (7 DVDs Box Set)
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Summary: Clarence (2014– ). Clarence is a spirited boy who sees the best in everything. His unique perspective on life transforms even a mundane situation into one that is interesting or fun. Epic dirt fights, awkward crushes and secret tree forts are all par for the course for the youngster, who shares his experiences with his family and friends. That group includes his best friends, scrappy Sumo and cautious Jeff, patient mom Mary, and her laid-back boyfriend, Chad. Clarence's adventures should be familiar to many people from their own childhoods, but he takes them to the limit.
Creator: Skyler Page
Stars: Tom Kenny, Sean Giambrone, Katie Crown
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85 Total Episodes on 7 DVDs:
Clarence S01 E00 – Pilot
Clarence S01 E01 – Fun Dungeon Face Off
Clarence S01 E02 – Pretty Great Day With A Girl
Clarence S01 E03 – Money Broom Wizard
Clarence S01 E04 – Lost In The Supermarket
Clarence S01 E05 – Clarences Millions
Clarence S01 E06 – Clarence Gets A Girlfriend
Clarence S01 E07 – Jeffs New Toy
Clarence S01 E08 – Dinner Party
Clarence S01 E09 – Honk
Clarence S01 E10 – Dollar Hunt
Clarence S01 E11 – Zoo
Clarence S01 E12 – Rise And Shine
Clarence S01 E13 – Man Of The House
Clarence S01 E14 – Puddle Eyes
Clarence S01 E15 – Dream Boat
Clarence S01 E16 – Slumber Party
Clarence S01 E17 – Nature
Clarence S01 E18 – Average Jeff
Clarence S01 E19 – Lizard Day Afternoon
Clarence S01 E20 – The Forgotten
Clarence S01 E21 – Neighborhood Grill
Clarence S01 E22 – Belsons Sleepover
Clarence S01 E23 – Too Gross For Comfort
Clarence S01 E24 – Pilot Expansion
Clarence S01 E25 – Patients
Clarence S01 E26 – Rough Riders Elementary
Clarence S01 E27 – Nothing Ventured
Clarence S01 E28 – Bedside Manners
Clarence S01 E29 – Jeff Wins
Clarence S01 E30 – Suspended
Clarence S01 E31 – Turtle Hats
Clarence S01 E32 – Goose Chase
Clarence S01 E33 – Goldfish Follies
Clarence S01 E34 – Chimney
Clarence S01 E35 – Straight Illin
Clarence S01 E36 – Dust Buddies
Clarence S01 E37 – Hurricane Dilliss
Clarence S01 E38 – Hoofin' It
Clarence S01 E39 – Detention
Clarence S01 E40 – Hairence
Clarence S01 E41 – Lil Buddy
Clarence S01 E42 – Chalmers Santiago
Clarence S01 E43 – Tuckered Boys
Clarence S01 E44 – Water Park
Clarence S01 E45 – Where The Wild Chads Are
Clarence S01 E46 – Breehn Ho!
Clarence S01 E47 – The Big Petey Pizza Problem
Clarence S01 E48 – The Break Up
Clarence S01 E49 – In Dreams
Clarence S01 E50 – Balance
Clarence S02 E01 – Lost Playground
Clarence S02 E02 – Bird Boy Man
Clarence S02 E03 – Freedom Cactus
Clarence S02 E04 – Plane Excited
Clarence S02 E05 – Escape From Beyond The Cosmic
Clarence S02 E06 – Time Crimes
Clarence S02 E07 – Ren Faire
Clarence S02 E08 – Attack Of The Block Party
Clarence S02 E09 – Field Trippin'
Clarence S02 E10 – Ice Cream Hunt
Clarence S02 E11 – Company Man
Clarence S02 E12 – Stump Brothers
Clarence S02 E13 + 14
Clarence S02 E16 – Sneaky Peeky
Clarence S02 E17 – Game Show
Clarence S02 E18 – Skater Sumo
Clarence S02 E19 – Mystery Girl
Clarence S02 E20 – The Substitute
Clarence S02 E21 – Classroom
Clarence S02 E22 – Dullance
Clarence S02 E23 – Jeffs Secret
Clarence S02 E24 – Space Race
Clarence S02 E25 – Plant Daddies
Clarence S02 E26 – Bucky And The Howl
Clarence S02 E27 – Bucky And The Howl
Clarence S02 E28 – Worm Bin
Clarence S02 E29 – Clarence & Sumo's Rexcellent Adventure
Clarence S02 E30 – Birthday
Clarence S02 E31 – Tree Of Life
Clarence S02 E32 – Cloris
Clarence S02 E33 –
Clarence S02 E34 –
Clarence S02 E35 –
Clarence S02 E36 –
All of Season 2 and 3

Clarence Volume 1 and 2 Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1990's ($5.95 value)

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