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Exosquad (6 DVDs Box Set)

Exosquad (6 DVDs Box Set)
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Summary: Exosquad (1993–1995). Set in the beginning of the 22nd century, a interplanetary war between humanity and Neosapiens. The Able Squad must fight the Neosapiens, an artificial humanoid race, to protect the Terrans.
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52 Total Episodes on 6 DVDs:
Exosquad S01E01 – Pirate Scourge
Exosquad S01E02 – Seeds Of Deception
Exosquad S01E03 – Hidden Terrors
Exosquad S01E04 – Blitzkrieg
Exosquad S01E05 – Resist!
Exosquad S01E06 – Target: Earth
Exosquad S01E07 – A Traitor Among Us
Exosquad S01E08 – Scorched Venus
Exosquad S01E09 – Sabotage
Exosquad S01E10 – Abandoned
Exosquad S01E11 – The Brood
Exosquad S01E12 – Betrayal
Exosquad S01E13 – Defying Olympus
Exosquad S02E01 – The Gathering
Exosquad S02E02 – The Embassy
Exosquad S02E03 – Pirate's Ransom
Exosquad S02E04 – Ultimate Weapon
Exosquad S02E05 – Expendable
Exosquad S02E06 – Mind Set
Exosquad S02E07 – The Last Man
Exosquad S02E08 – Dragon's Rock
Exosquad S02E09 – Inner Dark
Exosquad S02E10 – The Dogs Of War
Exosquad S02E11 – The First Step
Exosquad S02E12 – The Greatest Fear
Exosquad S02E13 – Flesh Crawls
Exosquad S02E14 – Behind The Shield
Exosquad S02E15 – Venus Rising
Exosquad S02E16 – Miracle
Exosquad S02E17 – Under The Skin
Exosquad S02E18 – Ultimatum
Exosquad S02E19 – Warrior Brood
Exosquad S02E20 – The Dream War
Exosquad S02E21 – No Surrender
Exosquad S02E22 – Fire Ship
Exosquad S02E23 – Martian Luck
Exosquad S02E24 – The Lost Patrol
Exosquad S02E25 – Call Of The Unknown
Exosquad S02E26 – Heart Of Mars
Exosquad S02E27 – Winged Fury
Exosquad S02E28 – Night Of The Traitor
Exosquad S02E29 – Trial By Combat
Exosquad S02E30 – The Perfect Warrior
Exosquad S02E31 – The Price Of Courage
Exosquad S02E32 – Dark River
Exosquad S02E33 – The Art Of War
Exosquad S02E34 – One Small Step
Exosquad S02E35 – Fifth Column
Exosquad S02E36 – The Last Jump
Exosquad S02E37 – The Night Before Doomsday
Exosquad S02E38 – Abandon Hope
Exosquad S02E39 – Beyond Chaos

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Exosquad Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1990's ($7.95 value)

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