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Coyote Munch Mini-Mart (1 DVD Box Set)

Coyote Munch Mini-Mart (1 DVD Box Set)
Summary: Coyote Munch Mini-Mart (2014– ). Ralph, a tumbleweed, pursues his rap career while stuck in the witness protection program. Ignoring the rules of federal agent, Monica Squishy, a half-eaten bag of candy – who's also posing as his girlfriend – could jeopardize his personal safety. But Ralph can't seem to stay off the internet, freestyling and battle-rapping. Besides constant surveillance, Ralph gets hounded by his new cohorts while they shoot internet rap videos on the corner. Ralph struggles with the temptation to join in, because any video could provide clues to the criminals who want him dead. One of these criminals, Kevin Spatz, a shady spatula, taunts Ralph over the internet. It takes all of Ralph the Tumbleweed's limited self-control not to respond as his rap alter ego, “Tumbles Humphrey.” The riff raff cast – a plastic bag, a broken blender, a bottle of malt liquor, a Redbox disc, and so on – constantly heckle Ralph to rap. Despite competition and jealousy, the other local rappers claim loyalty to their hood.
Creator: Joseph Cervelin
Stars: Todd Bartoo, Joseph Cervelin, Chase Holtman
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DVD Video Preview:

5 Total Episodes on 1 DVD:
Coyote Munch Mini-Mart Episode 1
Coyote Munch Mini-Mart Episode 2
Coyote Munch Mini-Mart Episode 3
Coyote Munch Mini-Mart Episode 4
Coyote Munch Mini-Mart Episode 5

Coyote Munch Mini-Mart Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1990's ($7.95 value)

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