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Stroker and Hoop Complete (1 DVD Box Set)

Stroker and Hoop Complete (1 DVD Box Set)
Summary: Stroker and Hoop Complete. Stroker and Hoop are a pair of private investigators from Los Angeles, who act and dress as if it is still the 1970s. In spite of each man's high opinion of himself, they're both completely inept losers: Stroker fancies himself a suave ladies man, but is generally unpopular and perceived by virtually every woman he meets as a repulsive chauvinist; and Hoop considers himself a crime-solving ace and master of disguise, when in fact he's a gullible nerd and all of his disguises are failures. Their only "advantage" over their competition is C.A.R.R., a talking AMC Pacer with its own neurotic personality. Because of their abysmal track record and less-than-stellar capabilities, the two men eke out livings solving crimes for people who can't afford to hire more competent detectives. Invariably, their attempts to solve a crime result in bloodshed, violence, and thousands of dollars worth of property damage…

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13 Total Episodes on 1 DVD:
Stroker And Hoop Episode 1 C.A.R.R. Trouble
Stroker And Hoop Episode 2 The Five Diamonds Aka A Hard Act To Follow
Stroker And Hoop Episode 3 Tinfoiled Again Aka Star Crossed Livers
Stroker And Hoop Episode 4 The Rube Job Aka Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Fried
Stroker And Hoop Episode 5 XXX Wife Aka Stroke Her And Boob
Stroker And Hoop Episode 6 Ninja Worrier Aka Chopping Spree
Stroker And Hoop Episode 7 Quiller Instinct Aka Peeping Todd
Stroker And Hoop Episode 8 Hip Hop Hooray Aka Gansta Sap
Stroker And Hoop Episode 9 Just Voodoo It Aka For Whom The Bear Tolls
Stroker And Hoop Episode 10 I Saw Stroker Killing Santa Aka A Cold, Dead, White Christmas
Stroker And Hoop Episode 11 The Wrath Of Khan Ja Aka U.F.O. Baby
Stroker And Hoop Episode 12 The Wrath Of Khan'Ja Aka Dammit Mamet
Stroker And Hoop Episode 13 Putting The Ass In Assassin Aka Three Cheats To The Wind

Stroker and Hoop Complete Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1990's ($5.95 value)

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