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Roobarb Complete (3 DVDs Box Set)

Roobarb Complete (3 DVDs Box Set)
Summary: Roobarb Complete. Surreal children's animation from award-winning British animator Bob Godfrey and writer Grange Calveley. Roobarb the green dog's enthusiasm for inventions and hairbrained schemes to liven up life in the garden know no bounds. It's up to Custard the indolent, grinning purple cat, and the rest of the garden animals to make sure nothing comes of them so that their idle tranquility can be preserved, and score points off Roobarb's inflated ego at the same time. Some of the episodes defy belief, such as the one in which Roobarb decided Thursday should be Thor's day, and pretends to be the Norse god of thunder. This only incurs the wrath of the real Thor, who responds by turning the hapless dog into a variety of ludicrous shapes, to the hilarity of the other garden animals.

30 Total Episodes on 3 DVDs:
Roobarb Episode 1 When Roobarb Made A Spike
Roobarb Episode 2 When Roobarb Didn't See The Sun Come Up
Roobarb Episode 3 When Roobarb Was Being Bored Then Not Being Bored
Roobarb Episode 4 When The Tree Fell To Pieces
Roobarb Episode 5 When Roobarb Found Sauce
Roobarb Episode 6 When It Was Night
Roobarb Episode 7 When It Was Christmas
Roobarb Episode 8 When The Sun Was Just Right
Roobarb Episode 9 When The Opera Wasn't A Phantom
Roobarb Episode 10 When There Wasn't Treasure
Roobarb Episode 11 When It Wasn't Thorsday
Roobarb Episode 12 When Roobarb Was Cheating
Roobarb Episode 13 When Custard Was Sorry
Roobarb Episode 14 When Roobarb Mixed The Paint
Roobarb Episode 15 When Roobarb's Heart Ruled His Head
Roobarb Episode 16 When You're Going To Fly-Fly High
Roobarb Episode 17 When The Day Didn't Arrive
Roobarb Episode 18 When Roobarb Did The Lion's Share
Roobarb Episode 19 When Roobarb Was At The End Of His Tether
Roobarb Episode 20 When Custard Stole The Show
Roobarb Episode 21 When There Was A Dance At Foxes Dale
Roobarb Episode 22 When Roobarb Wasn't As Pleased As Punch
Roobarb Episode 23 When Roobarb Turned Over A New Leaf
Roobarb Episode 24 When There Was Someone Else
Roobarb Episode 25 When The Day Wouldn't Keep Still
Roobarb Episode 26 When Roobarb Got A Long Break
Roobarb Episode 27 When The Pipes Call The Tune
Roobarb Episode 28 When A Knight Lost His Day
Roobarb Episode 29 When Custard Got Too Near The Bone
Roobarb Episode 30 When There Was A Big Mix Up

Roobarb Complete Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1990's ($9.95 value)

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