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Metajets Complete (5 DVDs Box Set)

Metajets Complete (5 DVDs Box Set)
Summary: Metajets Complete. Dubbed as "NASCAR in the Clouds". The year is 2067 and the world has moved up, literally, to cities in the skies. Fans all over the globe follow their favorite sport, the A.R.C. (Aeronautical Racing Circuit). Four of the world's best A.R.C. pilots are teens Trey, Maggie, Zak and newcomer Johnny. On the track these four care about one thing only, winning. Off the track is a different story. There they become Burner, Foxtrot, Vector and Ace – an elite flying team known as the Metajets. Under the command of Captain Strong, the Metajets transform their lightning fast race jets into battle-ready flyers. The Metajets pilots work together to protect people globally from harm, usually at the hands of the evil General Raven and his Black Cloud organization.

DVD Video Preview:
DVD Video Preview:

DVD Video Preview:

16 Total Episodes on 5 DVDs:
Metajets Episode 1 – The New Recruit
Metajets Episode 2 – Opening Day
Metajets Episode 3 – City Of Flight
Metajets Episode 4 – Lightning In A Battle
Metajets Episode 5 – Cyberella Man
Metajets Episode 6 – Pirates Of The Sky
Metajets Episode 7 – Grounded!
Metajets Episode 8 – Escape From The Outback
Metajets Episode 10 – Deep Secrets
Metajets Episode 11 – Guard Duty
Metajets Episode 13 – The Brave And The Cold
Metajets Episode 14 – Boiling Point
Metajets Episode 23 – Attack Of The Drones
Metajets Episode 29 – My Hero
Metajets Episode 39 – End Game, Part 1
Metajets Episode 40 – End Game, Part 2

Metajets Complete Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1990's ($5.95 value)

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