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Lastman Complete (3 DVDs Box Set)

Lastman Complete (3 DVDs Box Set)
Summary: Lastman Complete. Paxtown is a capital under the influence of drugs and corruption, torn apart by inequality and poisoned by the mafia. Here, trouble lurks at every corner. In this depraved metropolis, Richard Aldana grew up to be a cunning young man, without attachments or ambitions. In his spare time, he boxes. For Aldana, boxing is neither a sport nor a passion; it's just a way to keep annoyances at bay. Despite having real talent, Richard would rather die than wear satin shirts and participate in the championship of ultra-violent martial arts, the Fist Fight Funeral Cup, for which all of Paxtown turns out. But all that was before everything fell apart. Before his friend Dave, the owner of the boxing club, was murdered. Overnight, Aldana becomes the protector of his friend's orphaned daughter, Siri. Those who killed Siri's father are now targeting her. They call themselves “The Order of the Lion”. They are a religious sect much more dangerous than the cops or gangsters that usually cause trouble in Paxtown. These nutjobs think Siri is the key to their “other world”. Searching in Dave's past for what could have triggered such a shit storm, Aldana and Siri are drawn into a quest that overwhelms them, one in which the words “Valley of the King” – a mythological land of magic and demons – keep popping up.

25 Total Episodes on 3 DVDs:
Lastman Episode 1 – You're An Asshole Aldana
Lastman Episode 2 – You Only Say So Because I Have A Grenade
Lastman Episode 3 – I'm Not Into Mustaches
Lastman Episode 4 – Get Out Of My Mother
Lastman Episode 5 – Squares Inside Squares
Lastman Episode 6 – The Teeth, The Teeth, The Teeth
Lastman Episode 7 – You Speak Like A Honorable Man
Lastman Episode 8 – We Are Going To Dismember You
Lastman Episode 9 – Yellow Brains
Lastman Episode 10 – Do We Have An Appointment?
Lastman Episode 11 – Be Careful When It Blinks
Lastman Episode 12 – Why Is This Guy Hitting Me?
Lastman Episode 13 – You're Adorable Aldana
Lastman Episode 14 – Come On, Sing Something For Me
Lastman Episode 15 – I Am The Passenger
Lastman Episode 16 – Parameters My Ass
Lastman Episode 17 – Family Is Always Complicated
Lastman Episode 18 – Action!
Lastman Episode 19 – Stay With Us On Paxnews
Lastman Episode 20 – Could You Please Pass Me The Mustard?
Lastman Episode 21 – Oh No…
Lastman Episode 22 – The Ugliest Hermit Crab Ever
Lastman Episode 23 – Don't Ever Let Him Touch You
Lastman Episode 24 – Endure And Don't Die
Lastman Episode 25 – I Am Sorry

Lastman Complete Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1990's ($9.95 value)

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