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Galaxy High Complete (1 DVD Box Set)

Galaxy High Complete (1 DVD Box Set)
Summary: Galaxy High Complete. Two earth teenagers are accepted into the InterGalactic high school, Galaxy High School on the asteroid Flutor. The teenage boy, Doyle, was a skilled athlete and popular, while the teenage girl Aimee was shy and as the theme song states, "the smartest girl in school, not very popular, not very cool." But once in space their roles are somewhat reversed. The alien teenagers seem to accept the not so popular Aimee, while Doyle tends to rub the aliens the wrong way. Although Doyle finds himself an outcast and having difficulties adjusting, Aimee does not abandon him, and suggests he can make friends and bring glory to Galaxy High through his excellent sporting abilities, which he does by winning a championship in "psych-hockey", which Galaxy High always lost. The show drops many hints of a budding romance between Doyle and Aimee but was never given time to grow due to the show not being renewed for a second season.

DVD Video Preview:

DVD Video Preview:

DVD Video Preview:

13 Total Episodes on 1 DVD:
Galaxy High Episode 1 Welcome To Galaxy High
Galaxy High Episode 2 Pizza's Honor
Galaxy High Episode 3 The Beef Who Would Be King
Galaxy High Episode 4 Where's Milo?
Galaxy High Episode 5 Those Eyes, Those Lips
Galaxy High Episode 6 Doyle's New Friend
Galaxy High Episode 7 Dollars And Sense
Galaxy High Episode 8 Beach Blanket Blow-Up
Galaxy High Episode 9 The Brain Blaster
Galaxy High Episode 10 The Brat Pack
Galaxy High Episode 11 Founder's Day
Galaxy High Episode 12 Martian Mumps
Galaxy High Episode 13 It Came From Earth

Galaxy High Complete Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1990's ($5.95 value)

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