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DinoSquad Complete (3 DVDs Box Set)

DinoSquad Complete (3 DVDs Box Set)
Summary: DinoSquad Complete. Five teenagers, Roger, Max, Caruso, Fiona and Buzz, gain the power to turn into dinosaurs by getting covered in ooze that mutated their DNA on a school field trip to the tide pools. With the help of their mysterious science teacher, Ms. Moynihan (who is an anthropomorphic velociraptor), they learn to use their unique abilities to protect the planet from Victor Veloci. Victor is widely known as the head of company Raptor Dyne, but is also a 65-million-year-old anthropomorphic velociraptor. His secret identity is unknown to everyone except himself and the audience. His true plan is to turn everyone into dinosaurs and increase the climate to that of the Mesozoic era with the goal of returning the world to how it was when dinosaurs ruled. However, his plans always backfired and thus the return to the age of the dinosaurs was never meant to be. Dino Squad is set in Kittery Point, Maine. Season 2 episodes began airing online on August 4, 2008 before airing on CBS on September 13, 2008.

DVD Video Preview:
DVD Video Preview:

DVD Video Preview:

26 Total Episodes on 3 DVDs:
DinoSquad Season 1 Episode 1 The Beginning
DinoSquad Season 1 Episode 2 Growth Potential
DinoSquad Season 1 Episode 3 Tangled Web
DinoSquad Season 1 Episode 4 T-Rex Formation
DinoSquad Season 1 Episode 5 Who Let The Dog Out?
DinoSquad Season 1 Episode 6 Bully-4-U
DinoSquad Season 1 Episode 7 The Lost Wide Web
DinoSquad Season 1 Episode 8 Headline Nuisance
DinoSquad Season 1 Episode 9 Who'll Stop The Rain?
DinoSquad Season 1 Episode 10 Zoom In On Zoom
DinoSquad Season 1 Episode 11 A Mole Lotta Trouble
DinoSquad Season 1 Episode 12 The Not So Great Outdoors
DinoSquad Season 1 Episode 13 Pet Peeve
DinoSquad Season 2 Episode 1 The World According To Liam
DinoSquad Season 2 Episode 2 Runaway Ugly
DinoSquad Season 2 Episode 3 Attack Of The Brain-A-Saurus
DinoSquad Season 2 Episode 4 Wannabe
DinoSquad Season 2 Episode 5 Fire And Ice
DinoSquad Season 2 Episode 6 Never Judge A Dinosaur By Its Cover
DinoSquad Season 2 Episode 7 Easy Riders And Raging Dinos
DinoSquad Season 2 Episode 8 Once Percent Inspiration
DinoSquad Season 2 Episode 9 Howa Lowa Can You Goa?
DinoSquad Season 2 Episode 10 Scents And Scents Ability
DinoSquad Season 2 Episode 11 I Think I Can't, I Think I Can't
DinoSquad Season 2 Episode 12 Perseverance
DinoSquad Season 2 Episode 13 The Trojan Dinosaur

DinoSquad Complete Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1990's ($5.95 value)

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