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Wakfu (8 DVDs Box Set)

Wakfu (8 DVDs Box Set)
Summary: Wakfu (2008 - 2010). Follow Yogu and his friends Amalia, Evangelyne, Tristepin, Ruel and Az as they try to rescue the world of Wakfu from destruction.
Country: France
Language: French, English Sub
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DVD Video Preview:

DVD Video Preview:

DVD Video Preview:

52 Total Episodes on 8 DVDs:
Wakfu S1 Ep1 – The Child From The Mist (1)
Wakfu S1 Ep2 – Yugo The Eliatrope (2)
Wakfu S1 Ep3 – The Black Crow
Wakfu S1 Ep4 – The Ugly Pageant
Wakfu S1 Ep5 – The Magnificent Five
Wakfu S1 Ep6 – Vampyro
Wakfu S1 Ep7 – Poisonous Beauty
Wakfu S1 Ep8 – Xav The Baker
Wakfu S1 Ep9 – Ruel's Bag
Wakfu S1 Ep10 – The Gobbowl Inferno (1)
Wakfu S1 Ep11 – The Gobbowl Inferno (2)
Wakfu S1 Ep12 – The Gobbowl Inferno (3)
Wakfu S1 Ep13 – Calm Blue Sea
Wakfu S1 Ep14 – Moon Island
Wakfu S1 Ep15 – Adamai
Wakfu S1 Ep16 – The Eliacube
Wakfu S1 Ep17 – Grougaloragran The Eternal
Wakfu S1 Ep18 – The Brotherhood Of The Tofu
Wakfu S1 Ep19 – The Sadida Kingdom
Wakfu S1 Ep20 – The Tree Of Life
Wakfu S1 Ep21 – Igol
Wakfu S1 Ep22 – Rubilax
Wakfu S1 Ep23 – The Quest For The Dofus
Wakfu S1 Ep24 – Reunion
Wakfu S1 Ep25 – I Am A Legend
Wakfu S1 Ep26 – Mount Zinit
Wakfu S2 Ep1 – Monsters And Chimeras
Wakfu S2 Ep2 – Rubilaxia
Wakfu S2 Ep3 – Remington Smisse
Wakfu S2 Ep4 – Grovy's Return
Wakfu S2 Ep5 – The Dragon-Pig
Wakfu S2 Ep6 – Qilby
Wakfu S2 Ep7 – Ambush
Wakfu S2 Ep8 – Knight Justice
Wakfu S2 Ep9 – Rushu's World
Wakfu S2 Ep10 – Kriss La Krass
Wakfu S2 Ep11 – The Masked Boufbowler
Wakfu S2 Ep12 – The Mmmmmmmmmporg
Wakfu S2 Ep13 – The Night Of The Thirsters
Wakfu S2 Ep14 – The Voice Thief
Wakfu S2 Ep15 – Wabbit Island
Wakfu S2 Ep16 – The Cursed Fountain
Wakfu S2 Ep17 – The Council OfTwelve
Wakfu S2 Ep18 РCl̩oph̩e
Wakfu S2 Ep19 – A Fistful Of Kamas
Wakfu S2 Ep20 – The Zinit
Wakfu S2 Ep21 – The Island Of The Bellaphones
Wakfu S2 Ep22 – The Silence Of The Rings
Wakfu S2 Ep23 – The Crimson Claws
Wakfu S2 Ep24 – Phaeris The Powerful
Wakfu S2 Ep25 – The Blank Dimension
Wakfu S2 Ep26 – The Eliatrope People

Wakfu Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1990's ($5.95 value)

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