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Diabolik Complete (4 DVDs Box Set)

Diabolik Complete (4 DVDs Box Set)
Summary: Diabolik Complete. Diabolik is a ruthless master thief. He typically steals from criminals (and has no issue with killing them if need be, but rarely, if ever, kills the innocent or the police), and has a set of lifelike masks which he uses to fool his opponents, assuming every identity at his will. He seems to have a deep knowledge in many scientific fields, including chemistry, mechanics and computers. In his first appearances, Diabolik was a more straightforward villain who did not hesitate to murder anyone in order to accomplish his deeds. He was later given a more "Robin Hood"-like persona and was shown stealing essentially from criminals, in order to soften the series' violence and amorality.
He was raised as an orphan on a secret island hideout of a criminal combiné, where he learned all his criminal skills, including developing his special masks, before killing the head of the combine. Diabolik's true name had never been revealed in the series, and he doesn't know it himself. Diabolik took his name from a dangerous black panther that the head of the combine killed on the secret island. From issue #3 of the series, Diabolik is aided by his "moll", Eva Kant, who has gained an increasing role as his partner and lover.
Diabolik always drives a black 1961 Jaguar E-type. Graphically inspired by the actor Robert Taylor, he usually wears a skintight black body suit that leaves only his eyes and eyebrows (very distinctive ones) exposed when going "into action". Diabolik does not use firearms: his main weapons are the daggers he throws with uncanny ability, as well as a small dart gun with knockout darts. Eva drives a white Jaguar, and unusually goes into action wearing a heavy sweater and pants, no mask and no revealing clothing. The stories are set in a fictional town, Clerville, loosely inspired by Geneva, Switzerland.
Diabolik's main opponent is Inspector Ginko, known only by his surname, a fierce and incorruptible police officer who is almost always thwarted by astute tricks devised by Diabolik. The only other recurring character is the noblewoman Altea, Ginko's fiancee.

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36 Total Episodes on 4 DVDs:
Diabolik Episode 1 Track Of The Panther
Diabolik Episode 2 The Mole
Diabolik Episode 3 Panther Uncaged
Diabolik Episode 4 Honor Student
Diabolik Episode 5 For Old Times Sake
Diabolik Episode 6 A Sporting Chance
Diabolik Episode 7 Under The North Pole
Diabolik Episode 8 Sea Of Gold
Diabolik Episode 9 Question Of Survival
Diabolik Episode 10 King's Legacy
Diabolik Episode 11 Her Father's Daughter
Diabolik Episode 12 Chinese Puzzle Box
Diabolik Episode 13 Ultimate Security
Diabolik Episode 14 Memories
Diabolik Episode 15 Lost City
Diabolik Episode 16 Lights! Camera! Diabolik!
Diabolik Episode 17 Hide And Seek
Diabolik Episode 18 Tokyo Conspiracy
Diabolik Episode 19 Target: Diabolik
Diabolik Episode 20 Rust In Peace
Diabolik Episode 21 Hot Threads
Diabolik Episode 22 Eye Of Storm
Diabolik Episode 23 Triple Play
Diabolik Episode 24 Redline: Diabolik
Diabolik Episode 25 Partners
Diabolik Episode 26 Merchant Of Menace
Diabolik Episode 27 Master Plan
Diabolik Episode 28 The Wrong Side Of The Tracks
Diabolik Episode 29 The Thief Who Stole Tomorrow
Diabolik Episode 30 The Detective's Obsession
Diabolik Episode 31 From The Depths
Diabolik Episode 32 Kid's Stuff
Diabolik Episode 33 Future Imperfect
Diabolik Episode 34 Rainbow Warriors
Diabolik Episode 35 Final Justice Part 1
Diabolik Episode 36 Final Justice Part 2

Diabolik Complete Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1990's ($9.95 value)

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