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Dragon's Lair (1 DVD Box Set)

Dragon\'s Lair (1 DVD Box Set)
Summary: Dragon's Lair (1984–1985). The legendary video game Dragon's Lair was a blockbuster (and quarter guzzling) sensation when it first debuted, spawning sequels, imitators, and a beloved Saturday morning cartoon series. Developed by the powerhouse animation crew put together by Joe Ruby and Ken Spears, the Dragon's Lair cartoon made many contributions to the Dragon's Lair saga, from naming the Dragon "Singe" to rounding out the cast with such memorable supporting players as Bertram the horse (voiced by animation legend Peter Cullen) and Timothy the squire (voiced by Michael Mish). Mimicking the action of a video game, Dragon's Lair pauses the action and asks the audience which action Dirk should take next in his never-ending quest to protect the kingdom of King Ethelred and his beloved Princess Daphne.
Stars: Arthur Burghardt, Michael Mish, Fred Travalena .
More Information: IMDB, Wikipedia.

DVD Video Preview:
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13 Total Episodes on 1 DVD:
Dragons Lair Episode 001 – The Tale Of The Enchanted Gift
Dragons Lair Episode 002 – Sir Timothys Quest
Dragons Lair Episode 003 – The Tournament Of The Phantom Knight
Dragons Lair Episode 004 – The Smithees Haunted Armor
Dragons Lair Episode 005 – The Pool Of Youth
Dragons Lair Episode 006 – The Story Of Old Alf
Dragons Lair Episode 007 – The Song Of The Chimes
Dragons Lair Episode 008 – The Girl From Crows Wood
Dragons Lair Episode 009 – Mirror, Mirror
Dragons Lair Episode 010 – The Snow Witch
Dragons Lair Episode 011 – The Tale Of Dirks New Sword
Dragons Lair Episode 012 – The Legend Of The Giants Name
Dragons Lair Episode 013 – The Mist Of Wishes

Dragon's Lair Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1980's ($5.95 value)

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