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Superman Animated Series (7 DVDs Box Set)

Superman Animated Series (7 DVDs Box Set)
Summary: Superman Animated Series (1996–2000). Set in present day Metropolis against the backdrop of a bright, urban landscape, the ageless superhero combats sinister villains and rescues innocent victims in exciting new stories based on universal themes encompassing the same time-honored tradition of the classic Superman legend.
Creators: Joe Shuster, Jerry Siegel, Jack Kirby, Keith Giffen, Roger Slifer, George Pérez, Roger Stern
Stars: Tim Daly, Joseph Bologna, Dana Delany
More Information: IMDB, Wikipedia

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DVD Video Preview:

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58 Total Episodes on 7 DVDs:
Superman Documentary – Superman – Behind The Cape
Superman Documentary – Menaces Of Metroplis – Behind The Villains Of Superman
Superman Documentary- Building The Mythology – Superman's Supporting Cast
Superman Documentary – Learning To Fly
Superman S1 Ep1 – The Last Son Of Krypton Part 1
Superman S1 Ep2 – The Last Son Of Krypton Part 2
Superman S1 Ep3 – The Last Son Of Krypton Part 3
Superman S1 Ep4 – Fun And Games
Superman S1 Ep5 – A Little Piece Of Home
Superman S1 Ep6 – Feeding Time
Superman S1 Ep7 – The Way Of All Flesh
Superman S1 Ep8 – Stolen Memories
Superman S1 Ep9 – The Main Man Part 1
Superman S1 Ep10 – The Main Man Part 2
Superman S1 Ep11 – My Girl
Superman S1 Ep12 – Tools Of The Trade
Superman S1 Ep13 – Two's A Crowd
Superman S2 Ep1 – Blasts From The Past Part 1
Superman S2 Ep2 – Blasts From The Past Part 2
Superman S2 Ep3 – The Prometheon
Superman S2 Ep4 – Speed Demons
Superman S2 Ep5 – Livewire
Superman S2 Ep6 – Identity Crisis
Superman S2 Ep7 – Target
Superman S2 Ep8 – Mxyzpixilated
Superman S2 Ep9 – Action Figures
Superman S2 Ep10 – Double Dose
Superman S2 Ep11 – Solar Power
Superman S2 Ep12 – Brave New Metroplis
Superman S2 Ep13 – Monkey Fun
Superman S2 Ep14 – Ghost In The Machine
Superman S2 Ep15 – Father's Day
Superman S2 Ep16 – World's Finest Part 1
Superman S2 Ep17 – World's Finest Part 2
Superman S2 Ep18 – World's Finest Part 3
Superman S2 Ep19 – The Hand Of Fate
Superman S2 Ep20 – Bizarro's World
Superman S2 Ep21 – Prototype
Superman S2 Ep22 – The Late Mr. Kent
Superman S2 Ep23 – Heavy Metal
Superman S2 Ep24 – Warrior Queen
Superman S2 Ep25 – Apokolips… Now! Part 1
Superman S2 Ep26 – Apokolips… Now! Part 2
Superman S2 Ep27 – Little Girl Lost Part 1
Superman S2 Ep28 – Little Girl Lost Part 2 Of 2
Superman S3 Ep1 – Where There's Smoke
Superman S3 Ep2 – Knight Time
Superman S3 Ep3 – New Kids In Town
Superman S3 Ep4 – Obsession
Superman S3 Ep5 – Little Big Head Man
Superman S3 Ep6 – Absolute Power
Superman S3 Ep7 – In Brightest Day
Superman S3 Ep8 – Superman's Pal
Superman S3 Ep9 – A Fish Story
Superman S3 Ep10 – Unity
Superman S3 Ep11 – The Demon Reborn
Superman S3 Ep12 – Legacy Part 1
Superman S3 Ep13 – Legacy Part 2

Superman Animated Series Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1990's ($5.95 value)

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