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Freakazoid! (2 DVDs Box Set)

Freakazoid! (2 DVDs Box Set)
Summary: Freakazoid! (1995 - 1997).

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DVD Video Preview:

DVD Video Preview:

>24 Total Episodes on 2 DVDs:
Freakazoid! S1 Ep1 – Five Day Forecast-Dance Of Doom-Handman
Freakazoid! S1 Ep2 – Candle Jack-Toby Danger In Doomsday Bet-Lobe
Freakazoid! S1 Ep3 – Mo-Ron-Sewer Rescue-Big Question-Legends Who Lunch
Freakazoid! S1 Ep4 – And Fan Boy Is His Name-Lawn Gnomes Chapter I-Fun In The Sun-Frenching With Freakazoid
Freakazoid! S1 Ep5 – Foamy The FreakadogOffice Visit-Ode To Leonard Nimoy-E.B.S.-Conversational Norwegian
Freakazoid! S1 Ep6 – Chip, The (Part 1)
Freakazoid! S1 Ep7 – Chip, The (Part 2)-Freakazoid Is History
Freakazoid! S1 Ep8 – Hot Rods From Heck-A Time For Evil-Freakmobile Toy Line
Freakazoid! S1 Ep9 – RelaxOVision-Fatman And Boy Blubber-Limbo LockUp-Terror Palace
Freakazoid! S1 Ep10 – In Arms Way-Cloud
Freakazoid! S1 Ep11 – Next Time, Phone Ahead-Nerdator
Freakazoid! S1 Ep12 – House Of Freakazoid-Sewer Or Later
Freakazoid! S1 Ep13 – Wrath Of Guitierrez
Freakazoid! S2 Ep1 – Dexter's Date
Freakazoid! S2 Ep2 – The Freakazoid
Freakazoid! S2 Ep3 – Mission: Freakazoid
Freakazoid! S2 Ep4 – Virtual Freak
Freakazoid! S2 Ep5 – Hero Boy
Freakazoid! S2 Ep6 – A Matter Of Love
Freakazoid! S2 Ep7 – Statuesque
Freakazoid! S2 Ep8 – Island Of Dr. Mystico
Freakazoid! S2 Ep9 – Two Against Freak
Freakazoid! S2 Ep10 – Freak A Panel
Freakazoid! S2 Ep11 – Normadeus

Freakazoid! Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1990's ($9.95 value)

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