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Top Cat (8 DVDs Box Set)

Top Cat (8 DVDs Box Set)
Summary: Top Cat (1961–1962). Life in a New York alley was never as much fun as in this 1961 animated series that follows the many get-rich-quick schemes of a band of streetwise felines. Top Cat, a clever hustler whose close friends get to call him TC, leads his faithful followers Benny the Ball, Choo Choo, Brain, Fancy-Fancy and Spook in assorted scams, gambling activities and harebrained stunts, all in the pursuit of a fast dollar. Keeping an eye on things is Officer Dibble, a beat cop who has his hands full trying to break up TC's shenanigans.
Stars: Leo DeLyon, Allen Jenkins, Arnold Stang
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30 Total Episodes on 8 DVDs:
Top Cat (1961) Episode 1 – Hawaii Here We Come
Top Cat (1961) Episode 2 – The Maharajah Of Pookojee
Top Cat (1961) Episode 3 – All That Jazz
Top Cat (1961) Episode 4 – The $1'000'000 Derby
Top Cat (1961) Episode 5 – The Violin Player
Top Cat (1961) Episode 6 – The Missing Heir
Top Cat (1961) Episode 7 – TC Falls In Love
Top Cat (1961) Episode 8 – A Visit From Mother
Top Cat (1961) Episode 9 – Naked Town
Top Cat (1961) Episode 10 – Sergeant TC
Top Cat (1961) Episode 11 – Choo-Choo's Romance
Top Cat (1961) Episode 12 – The Unscratchables
Top Cat (1961) Episode 13 – Rafeefleas
Top Cat (1961) Episode 14 – The Tycoon
Top Cat (1961) Episode 15 – The Long Hot Winter
Top Cat (1961) Episode 16 – The Case Of The Absent Anteater
Top Cat (1961) Episode 17 – TC Minds The Baby
Top Cat (1961) Episode 18 – Farewell Mr. Dibble
Top Cat (1961) Episode 19 – The Grand Tour
Top Cat (1961) Episode 20 – The Golden Fleecing
Top Cat (1961) Episode 21 – Space Monkey
Top Cat (1961) Episode 22 – The Late TC
Top Cat (1961) Episode 23 – Dibble's Birthday
Top Cat (1961) Episode 24 – Choo-Choo Goes Go-Go
Top Cat (1961) Episode 25 – King For A Day
Top Cat (1961) Episode 26 – The Con Men
Top Cat (1961) Episode 27 – Dibble Breaks The Record
Top Cat (1961) Episode 28 – Dibble Sings Again
Top Cat (1961) Episode 29 – Griswold
Top Cat (1961) Episode 30 – Dibble's Double
Top Cat and the Beverly Hills Cats (1988)
Top Cat: The Movie (2011)
Top Cat Begins (2015)

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Top Cat Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1970's ($5.95 value)

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