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Wuzzles TV Series Full Epidoses (3 DVD Box Set)

Wuzzles TV Series  Full Epidoses (3 DVD Box Set)
Summary: Wuzzles TV Series (1985) Full Epidoses. Disney's The Wuzzles is an animated television series created for Saturday morning television, and was first broadcast on September 14, 1985 on CBS. This cartoon series followed the adventure of the Wuzzles, colorful and playful creatures that were part one animal, part another.
Stars: Stan Freberg, Brian Cummings, Henry Gibson
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DVD Video Preview:

DVD Video Preview:

13 Total Episodes on 3 DVD:
Wuzzles Episode 1 – Bulls Of A Feather
Wuzzles Episode 2 – Hooray For Hollywuz
Wuzzles Episode 3 – In The Money
Wuzzles Episode 4 – Crock Around The Clock
Wuzzles Episode 5 – Moosel's Monster
Wuzzles Episode 6 – Klutz On The Clutch
Wuzzles Episode 7 – Bumblelion And The Terrified Forest
Wuzzles Episode 8 – Eleroo's Wishday
Wuzzles Episode 9 – Ghostrustlers
Wuzzles Episode 10 – A Pest Of A Pet
Wuzzles Episode 11 – The Main Course
Wuzzles Episode 12 – Class Dismissed
Wuzzles Episode 13 – What's Up, Stox?

Wuzzles TV Series Full Epidoses Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1980's ($5.95 value)

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