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Kablam! (5 DVDs Box Set)

Kablam! (5 DVDs Box Set)
Summary: Kablam! (1996–2000). ‘KaBlam!' is a comedic animation anthology show, hosted by the (also animated) Henry and June. Regularly appearing toons are ‘Sniz and Fondue' (two hyperactive preadolescent wombat thingies), ‘Action League Now!' (the adventures of a bunch of stop-animated toys), ‘Life with Loopy' (a boy tells tall tales about his eccentric sister Loopy), and ‘Prometheus and Bob' (claymation stories about alien Prometheus' attempts to educate cave-man Bob).
Creators: Robert Mittenthal, Chris Viscardi, Will McRobb, 8 more credits
Stars: Noah Segan, Julia McIlvaine, Bert Pence
More Information: IMDB, Wikipedia

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47 Total Episodes on 5 DVDs:
Kblam S1 Ep1 – All Purpose KaBlam
Kblam S1 Ep2 – Built For Speed
Kblam S1 Ep3 – Comics For Tomorrow Today
Kblam S1 Ep4 – Comics For Champions
Kblam S1 Ep5 – It's Flavorific
Kblam S1 Ep6 – KaBlam! Gets Results
Kblam S1 Ep7 – A Little Dab'll Do Ya
Kblam S1 Ep8 – Why June Refuses To Turn The Pages
Kblam S1 Ep9 – Not Just For People Anymore
Kblam S1 Ep10 – Resistance Is Futile
Kblam S1 Ep11 – What The Astronauts Drink
Kblam S1 Ep12 – Your Real Best Friend
Kblam S1 Ep13 – You've Tried The Rest! Now Try The Best!
Kblam S2 Ep1 – Art + Science = Fun
Kblam S2 Ep2 – Better Than A Poke In The Eye
Kblam S2 Ep3 – Cramming Cartoons Since 1627
Kblam S2 Ep4 – E Pluribus Kablam
Kblam S2 Ep5 – Get Sam Donaldson's Mystery Bag
Kblam S2 Ep6 – Hand Cranked For Your Enjoyment
Kblam S2 Ep7 – Harold's Glow-In-The-Dark Brand Butter
Kblam S2 Ep8 – Hurts So Good!!
Kblam S2 Ep9 – I Just Don
Kblam S2 Ep10 – KaBlam! James KaBlam!
Kblam S2 Ep11 – Tastes Like Paper
Kblam S2 Ep12 – Won't Crack Or Peel
Kblam S2 Ep13 – Won't Stick To Most Dental Work
Kblam S3 Ep1 – More Happiness Than Allowed By Law
Kblam S3 Ep2 – Money Train 2
Kablam S3 Ep3 –
Kablam S3 Ep4 – Timeless
Kablam S3 Ep5 – Year Round Fun
Kablam S3 Ep6 – Your Logo Here
Kablam S3 Ep7 – Great For Paper Training
Kablam S3 Ep8 – Holdeth The Pickle, Holdeth The Lettuce
Kablam S3 Ep9 – It's All In The Wrist
Kablam S3 Ep10 – You'll Love Our Selection
Kablam S3 Ep11 – You May Already Be A… Kablammer!
Kablam S3 Ep12 – The New Class
Kablam S4 Ep1 – A Nut In Every Bite!
Kablam S4 Ep2 – Takes A Knockin' And Keeps Tick-Tockin'
Kablam S4 Ep3 –
Kablam S4 Ep4 – Sasquatch-ercise
Kablam S4 Ep5 – Under New Management
Kablam S4 Ep6 – Going The Extra Mile
Kablam S4 Ep7 – The Best Of Both Worlds
Kablam S4 Ep8 – The Kablair! Witch Project
Kablam S4 Ep9 – Now With More Flava

Kablam! Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1990's ($5.95 value)


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