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Popples (5 DVDs Box Set)

Popples (5 DVDs Box Set)
Summary: Popples (1986 - 1987). Popples is a toy and television franchise created by Those Characters From Cleveland, a subsidiary of American Greetings. Popples resemble brightly colored marsupial teddy bears with long tails ending in a pom-pom.
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45 Total Episodes on 5 DVDs:
Popples S1 Ep1 – Popplin' Around The Block
Popples S1 Ep2 – Popples Panic At The Library
Popples S1 Ep3 – Cookin' Up A Storm
Popples S1 Ep4 – Molars, Bicuspids And Popples
Popples S1 Ep5 – The Treasure Of Popple Beach
Popples S1 Ep6 – Popping At The Car Wash
Popples S1 Ep7 – Springtime's A Popping
Popples S1 Ep8 – Popples Play Pee Wee Golf
Popples S1 Ep9 – Popples Flood The Fluff N' Fold
Popples S1 Ep10 – Clean Sweep Of Things
Popples S1 Ep11 – Poppin' Wheelies
Popples S1 Ep12 – Bonnie's Popple Party
Popples S1 Ep13 – Aisles Of Trouble
Popples S1 Ep14 – Popples' Paint Party
Popples S1 Ep15 – Pop-Paring For Bed
Popples S1 Ep16 – Poppolympics
Popples S1 Ep17 – Sports Shop Pop
Popples S1 Ep18 – Taking Out The Trash
Popples S1 Ep19 – A Hair Raising Experience
Popples S1 Ep20 – Pop Goes The Radio
Popples S1 Ep21 – Poppin' Pillow Talk
Popples S1 Ep22 – Popples' Alley
Popples S1 Ep23 – Where The Pop Flies
Popples S1 Ep24 – Hooray For Hollywood Popples
Popples S1 Ep25 – Backyard Bigtop
Popples S1 Ep26 – Backyard Adventure
Popples S1 Ep27 – Poppin' At The Drive-In
Popples S2 Ep2 – Moving Day
Popples S2 Ep3 – Tree House Capers
Popples S2 Ep4 – No Bizness Like Popple Bizness
Popples S2 Ep5 – Museum Peace
Popples S2 Ep6 – Lemonade Stand-Off
Popples S2 Ep7 – Popple Post Office
Popples S2 Ep8 – Funhouse Folly
Popples S2 Ep9 – Fixer-Upper Popples
Popples S2 Ep10 – Rock Around The Popples
Popples S2 Ep11 – The College Of Popple Knowledge
Popples S2 Ep12 – Popple Cheer
Popples S2 Ep13 – Barn Hoopla
Popples S2 Ep14 – The Jellybean Jamboree
Popples S2 Ep15 – Private Eye Popples
Popples S2 Ep16 – The Repair Shop
Popples S2 Ep17 – Decath-a Pop-a-Lon Popples
Popples S2 Ep18 – Cuckoo Choo Choo
Popples S2 Ep19 – The Popple Fashion Parade

Popples Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1980's ($5.95 value)

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