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Shinzo (4 DVDs Box Set)

Shinzo (4 DVDs Box Set)
Summary: Shinzo (2000– ). Years after the Earth was conquered by the mutant Enterrans, Yakumo, a girl, awake of a three hundred years sleep and discover that the human race is extinct. Now, her mission is to find “the island of the life”, a known magic place under the name of Shinzo, and to bring back the life on Earth. She is then acompanied by a few rebel Enterrans that support her cause.
Stars: Joe Ochman, Beau Billingslea, Steve Blum
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32 Total Episodes on 4 DVDs:
Shinzo S01 E01 – Awakening
Shinzo S01 E02 – Bee-Ware The Hunters
Shinzo S01 E03 – Web Of Evil
Shinzo S01 E04 – Day At The Park
Shinzo S01 E05 – Kiri
Shinzo S01 E06 – Battling Daku
Shinzo S01 E07 – Into The Jungle
Shinzo S01 E08 – Reptiles
Shinzo S01 E09 – Gyasa
Shinzo S01 E10 – Mushrambo The Ultimate Samurai
Shinzo S01 E11 – Clash Of The Hyper Warrior
Shinzo S01 E12 – The Test
Shinzo S01 E13 – Ryuma Lord Of The Reptiles
Shinzo S01 E14 – Dark Spirit Of Destruction
Shinzo S01 E15 – Mechano City
Shinzo S01 E16 – The Giant Robot
Shinzo S01 E17 – The Great War
Shinzo S01 E18 – The Secrets Of The Seven
Shinzo S01 E19 – The Feathered Fiend
Shinzo S01 E20 – The Two Mushrambos
Shinzo S02 E01 – The Battle Of One
Shinzo S02 E02 – A New Beginning
Shinzo S02 E03 – Bear Claws
Shinzo S02 E04 – Nightmare Dream Center
Shinzo S02 E05 – Eilis Of The Storm
Shinzo S02 E06 – Reviving Yakumo
Shinzo S02 E07 – Lanancuras Arises
Shinzo S02 E08 – Lanancura Unbound
Shinzo S02 E09 – Mushrambo Meets His Match
Shinzo S02 E10 – Mushras Mission
Shinzo S02 E11 – Soul Survivor
Shinzo S02 E12 – Long Live Yakumo

Shinzo Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1990's ($7.95 value)

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