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ALF Tales (3 DVDs Box Set)

ALF Tales (3 DVDs Box Set)
Summary: ALF Tales (1988–1990). Alf and his friends from Melmac spoof and retell some classic stories (such as Robin Hood, Cinderella, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow etc…) in only the way that ALF could.
Creators: Paul Fusco, Tom Patchett, David Steven Cohen
Stars: Tabitha St. Germain, Peggy Mahon, Thick Wilson
More Information: IMDB, Wikipedia

DVD Video Preview:
DVD Video Preview:

DVD Video Preview:

21 Total Episodes on 3 DVDs:
ALF Tales S01E01 – Robin Hood
ALF Tales S01E02 – Sleeping Beauty
ALF Tales S01E03 – Cinderella
ALF Tales S01E04 – Legend Of Sleepy Hollow
ALF Tales S01E05 – Jack And The Beanstalk
ALF Tales S01E06 – The Aladdin Brothers
ALF Tales S01E07 – Rapunzel
ALF Tales S01E08 – Rumplestilskin
ALF Tales S01E09 – The Princess And The Pea
ALF Tales S01E10 – John Henry
ALF Tales S01E11 – The Three Little Piggs
ALF Tales S01E12 – Alice In Wonderland
ALF Tales S01E13 – Peter Pan
ALF Tales S02E01 – Hansel And Gretel
ALF Tales S02E02 – The Wizard Of Oz
ALF Tales S02E03 – The Elves And The Shoemaker
ALF Tales S02E04 – The Emperor's New Clothes
ALF Tales S02E05 – Goldie Locks And The Three Bears
ALF Tales S02E06 – Little Red Riding Hood
ALF Tales S02E07 – Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
ALF Tales S02E08 – King Midas

ALF Tales Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1980's ($5.95 value)

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