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Max Steel 2001 (3 DVDs Box Set)

Max Steel 2001 (3 DVDs Box Set)
Summary: Max Steel (2001–2002). When Max, Berto and Jefferson track a pair of thieves stealing computer components to the annual Del Oro Extreme, Max must go undercover as Josh McGrath. As a competitor in the DOX, Josh teams up with real-life skate-boarding star Tony Hawk to defeat a slick sports agent called Grimsley and his two dirty-fighting stars, Durham and Preston. But it turns out that Durham and Preston are the robbers; and they're using nitro-chips, a high tech kind of steroid, to make themselves as powerful as Max Steel! Will Max be able to stop these supercharged bad guys before their boss Grimsley can put his nitro-chips into mass production?
Creator: Jeff Kline
Stars: Christian Campbell, Jacob Vargas, Martin Jarvis
More Information: IMDB, Wikipedia
P/s: This series is not complete, missing some episodes.

DVD Video Preview:
DVD Video Preview:

DVD Video Preview:

29 Total Episodes on 3 DVDs:
Max Steel (2001) S01E01 – Stranger (Pilot)
Max Steel (2001) S01E03 – Sacrifices
Max Steel (2001) S01E04 – Sportmen
Max Steel (2001) S01E05 – Sabres
Max Steel (2001) S01E06 – Spear Carriers
Max Steel (2001) S01E07 – Sharks
Max Steel (2001) S01E08 – Sphinxes
Max Steel (2001) S01E09 – Seraphim
Max Steel (2001) S01E10 – Snow Blind
Max Steel (2001) S01E11 – Swashbucklers
Max Steel (2001) S01E12 – Scions
Max Steel (2001) S01E13 – Shattered
Max Steel (2001) S02E01 – The Return
Max Steel (2001) S02E02 – Fun In The Sun
Max Steel (2001) S02E03 – Amazon
Max Steel (2001) S02E04 – When Lightning Strikes Twice
Max Steel (2001) S02E05 – Fire – Ice
Max Steel (2001) S02E06 – Trapped
Max Steel (2001) S02E07 – Steel Vs Steel
Max Steel (2001) S02E08 – Space Opera, Shooting Stars
Max Steel (2001) S02E09 – Old Friend, New Enemy
Max Steel (2001) S02E10 – Extreme
Max Steel (2001) S02E11 – Best Friend
Max Steel (2001) S02E12 – The Race
Max Steel (2001) S02E13 – Breakout
Max Steel (2001) S03E01 – Deep Cover
Max Steel (2001) S03E03 – Cold Sweat
Max Steel (2001) S03E06 – Prey
Max Steel (2001) S03E10 – Truth Be Told

Max Steel 2001 Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1990's ($7.95 value)

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