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Fillmore! (3 DVDs Box Set)

Fillmore! (3 DVDs Box Set)
Summary: Fillmore! (2002–2004). Former delinquent Cornelius Fillmore saw the light, and now fights on the side of justice at X Middle School. Joining him is Ingrid Third, who has a photographic memory. Together, Fillmore and Third fight all those who attempt to break the rules at X, all while keeping Jr. Commissioner Vallejo off their backs and trying to please the school's overly-image-conscious Principal Folsom.
Creator: Scott M. Gimple
Stars: Orlando Brown, Tara Strong, Don LaFontaine
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26 Total Episodes on 3 DVDs:
Fillmore! S01E01 – To Mar A Stall
Fillmore! S01E02 – Test Of The Tested
Fillmore! S01E03 – A Wurm In Our Midst
Fillmore! S01E04 – Cry, The Beloved Mascot
Fillmore! S01E05 – Red Robins Don't Fly
Fillmore! S01E06 – Next Stop, Armageddon
Fillmore! S01E07 – Nappers Never Sleep
Fillmore! S01E08 – Ingrid Third, Publix Enemy #1
Fillmore! S01E09 – A Cold Day At X
Fillmore! S01E10 – Masterstroke Of Malevolence
Fillmore! S01E11 – Two Wheels, Full Throttle, No Breaks
Fillmore! S01E12 – Of Slain Kings On Checkered Fields
Fillmore! S01E13 – A Forgotten Yesterday
Fillmore! S02E01 – The Currency Of Doubt
Fillmore! S02E02 – The Shreds Fell Like Snowflakes
Fillmore! S02E03 – Foes Don't Forgive
Fillmore! S02E04 – South Of Friendship, North Of Honor
Fillmore! S02E05 – Immune To All But Justice
Fillmore! S02E06 – The Nineteenth Hole Is A Shallow Grave
Fillmore! S02E07 – Links In A Chain Of Honor
Fillmore! S02E08 – The Unseen Reflection
Fillmore! S02E09 – Codename- Electric Haircut
Fillmore! S02E10 – Play On, Maestro, Play On
Fillmore! S02E11 – A Dark Score Evened
Fillmore! S02E12 – Field Trip Of The Just
Fillmore! S02E13 – This Savior, A Snitch

Fillmore! Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1990's ($7.95 value)

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