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Stoked (6 DVDs Box Set)

Stoked (6 DVDs Box Set)
Summary: Stoked (2009– ). A group of young surfers come together on Sunset Island in British Columbia, stoked to have the summer of their lives while working at Surfer's Paradise Resort. Instead, the "renowned" resort turns out to be quite tacky, replete with a crumbling staff house, and their jobs require them to wear hideous uniforms and garner them no respect. But despite the hard work, the teens, spending their first summer away from home, get to live a dream: surfing the most epic break in the country.
Creators: Jennifer Pertsch, Tom McGillis
Stars: Katie Crown, Jeff Geddis, Kristin Fairlie
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DVD Video Preview:

DVD Video Preview:

52 Total Episodes on 6 DVDs:
Stoked S01E01 – Welcome To Paradise, Dudes!
Stoked S01E02 – Another Grom Bites The Dust
Stoked S01E03 – Board And Confused
Stoked S01E04 – Take Your Kook To Work Day
Stoked S01E05 – Waves Of Cheese
Stoked S01E06 – The Very Very Very Very Very Important Guest
Stoked S01E07 – Hang 9
Stoked S01E08 – Fast Times When Rip Tide's High
Stoked S01E09 – Reef And That Evil Totem
Stoked S01E10 – Reef, Broseph And Emma's Totally Stupid Adventure
Stoked S01E11 – Boards Of Glory
Stoked S01E12 – Chargin' Into The Night
Stoked S01E13 – O Broseph, Where Art Thou
Stoked S01E14 – Groms Gone Wild
Stoked S01E15 – Chum Music
Stoked S01E16 – Penthouse Of Horror
Stoked S01E17 – Mr Wahine
Stoked S01E18 – Grand Theft Whale Bus
Stoked S01E19 – A Boy Named Lesley
Stoked S01E20 – Who Knows What Evil Lurks In The Heart Of Clam
Stoked S01E21 – Slumberparty Animals
Stoked S01E22 – Endless Bummer
Stoked S01E23 – Brofinger
Stoked S01E24 – A Prank Too Far
Stoked S01E25 – The Pirate Who Came To Lunch
Stoked S01E26 – The Day The Sea Stood Still
Stoked S02E01 – The Make-Out Fake-Out
Stoked S02E02 – Surf Surf Revolution
Stoked S02E03 – The Captain, The Grom, His Job, Her Dream
Stoked S02E04 – Will The Real Broseph Please Stand Up
Stoked S02E05 – I Like Beaver Butts And I Cannot Lie
Stoked S02E06 – Sick Day
Stoked S02E07 – Channel Surfers
Stoked S02E08 – Grommy The Vampire Slayer
Stoked S02E09 – Grumpy Old Brahs
Stoked S02E10 – Hunka Hunka Burning Reef
Stoked S02E11 – The Boardy Brotherhood
Stoked S02E12 – Safety Last
Stoked S02E13 – Clinging In The Rain
Stoked S02E14 – My Fair Leslie
Stoked S02E15 – Browatch
Stoked S02E16 – Bad Sports
Stoked S02E17 – (500) Days Of Bummer
Stoked S02E18 – The Reefinator
Stoked S02E19 – Dirty Little Secret, Nerdy Little Secrets
Stoked S02E20 – Sweet, Sweet, Meat Cheat
Stoked S02E21 – To Catch A Reef
Stoked S02E22 – Surfers Got Talent
Stoked S02E23 – Groms On Strike
Stoked S02E24 – Heartbreak Hotel
Stoked S02E25 – All We Are Saying Is Give Reef A Chance
Stoked S02E26 – Grom Fest

Stoked Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1990's ($5.95 value)

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