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Future-Worm! (1 DVD Box Set)

Future-Worm! (1 DVD Box Set)
Summary: Future-Worm! (2015– ). Meet Danny, inventor of the Time Machine Lunch Box. During its maiden voyage, the lunch box was hurled way into the future, where future scientists discovered a simple worm that they put through their genetic escalator, increasing the worm's intellectual capacity and need for adventure. This worm became FUTURE-WORM. Now he's returned to make sure Danny never has a boring day. One boy. One worm. Together. Into the past, present, and future. …These are their adventures.
Creator: Ryan Quincy
Stars: James Adomian, Andy Milonakis, Ryan Quincy
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DVD Video Preview:

14 Total Episodes on 1 DVD:
Future-Worm Episode 01 – Long Live Captain Cakerz! / Healin' Touch With Dr. D / Terrible Tuber Trouble
Future-Worm Episode 02 – How To Beat AaCold… With Fists! / Unsolved Histories / Old Man Duck Head
Future-Worm Episode 03 – Meetiversary / Steak Starbolt / The Very Hungry Killa-Pillah
Future-Worm Episode 04 – Bubble Dad / Future Danny And The Ghost Pirates Of Tau Ceti / Porthole To The Lizard
Future-Worm Episode 05 – Deunited / Great Debates With The End Of Time / The Forever Five
Future-Worm Episode 06 – The Bleak Shall Inherit The Earth / Lobster Boy Movie Trailer / Makin' History
Future-Worm Episode 07 – Go Help Yourself / Barl / Mecha-Muck Wars 1
Future-Worm Episode 08 – Revenge Of The Anchovy Monster / Food Goggles / Steak Starbolt Spooktacular
Future-Worm Episode 09 – Robo-Carp-Alypse/The Reemen/Dr. D, Ghost Hunter
Future-Worm Episode 10 – Steak Starmom/Lemonade's Last Stand/This Week In Future Science 1
Future-Worm Episode 11 –
Future-Worm Episode 12 – Bug Vs. The Babysitter Doug Race- 3939
Future-Worm Episode 13 – Future-Worm And The 54 Days Of Snordfest
Future-Worm Episode 14 – Lost In The Mall

Future-Worm! Includes Free Bonus:
4 hours of TV Commercials from the 1990's ($7.95 value)

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